Why You Should Be Offering Gallery Wraps to Your Wedding Photography Clients

gallery wraps for wedding photographers

Do you want to increase the overall perception that your studio is high-end and offers first class products? If you answered “yes” then you should be offering Gallery Wraps to your clients. We are going to take a look at what they are and how to use them in your sales and even marketing.

Gallery wraps are a photographic print made on either canvas inkjet paper or for an image that pops – Pearl photographic paper that is then stretched around a solid frame. H&H uses solid wood to build their frames. I know because I have seen these amazing frames assembled right in their photo lab. The product is then finished with black paper on the back, bumpers and saw-tooth hanger. The wraps can be ordered in any size in one inch multiples up to 24×36 for pearl paper and 33×41 for canvas. The final result is a piece of art – literally.

If you visit any cool designer store like Z Gallery or Pottery Barn, chances are you will see art displayed on their walls in the form of gallery wraps. Your clients are exposed to this all the time. They associate art with gallery wraps. So encourage them to hang their own personal art in their homes.

First you need to show what you want to sell. I suggest having a few samples to show your clients – the larger the better. Selling a large canvas is great because you only need to retouch/enhance a single image in Photoshop. Another popular option is to offer a wall grouping of canvases, known as cluster wraps. This is a great way to increase your total sales on a session. H&H offers different predetermined cluster layouts for you to offer customers. They even come with a hanging guide to facilitate installation. Here are just a few examples of some of the cluster options available:

gallery wraps for weddings layout 2 gallery wraps for weddings layout 1

Personally I use gallery wraps in two different ways to help market my wedding photography business. I always take care of my fellow wedding vendors (venues, florists, etc…) by offering them branded canvas gallery wraps, with their product or service proudly displayed. I like to give them large 24×36 canvases. They always hang these in a prominent place at their business location with my image and logo on display for everyone to see. The second way I use gallery wraps is to offer them as a reward to clients. I have my WordPress Blog set to post all comments via Facebook.

If I have a great wedding that I think would benefit from additional exposure, I send an email to my bride and groom letting them know if they can get 10 or more friends to post a comment on their particular wedding – I will give them a small canvas gallery wrap as a thank you. Of course all the comments end up on Facebook as well, giving me tons of free exposure.

Last, I want you to know that I walk the talk. I have over 7 canvas gallery wraps hanging in my home displaying my personal photography work.

how to sell gallery wraps to wedding photography clients

why wedding photography clients need gallery wraps


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