Taking advantage of sales to help market your business: 12 Days of Christmas in July

I love a sale as much as the next person. I used to get very excited twice a year when Nordstrom’s department store would hold their semi-annual menswear sale. It was time to make some additions to the wardrobe – shirts and ties anyone?

While it’s nice to get enthusiastic about sales at the local mall – it’s very important to take advantage of sale offerings in our photographic industry, as well. Many companies offer some great prices and discounts throughout the year. In business, anything that you can save in expenses goes straight to the bottom-line. This means more profit for you and your business. This is why I always look forward to H&H Color Lab’s “12 Days of Christmas in July Sale”. This year it runs from July 18th to 29th and offers great products at amazing savings. Lets take a look at some of the items being offered and how to leverage the savings for you and your customers.
Printed Leather Album, Gallery Lay-flat

One of my favorite items on sale is the Gallery Lay Flat album at 30% off. That’s some serious savings on albums. If you are like me, you probably have 3 or 4 clients far along on the album ordering process, but for whatever reason they have not finalized their order. Maybe they have not approved your album design, or maybe it’s because they have yet to pick a cover material. Clients are busy with life and are in the middle of all their summer activities. Well, its time to incentivize them! Simply let them know your album manufacturer is offing a special price for all albums. If they finalize their order you will offer a 20% discount. Then get all the albums ordered on July 20th (the H&H sale date). This is a win-win. You get work cleared out, you make a little extra and your clients save!


Another product I love is Canvas Wraps. A couple suggestions to take advantage of the sale would be to:

  • Have a studio makeover. Is your studio or meeting space looking a little dated? Just like the homes being updated on HGTV, studios need a little love too. Do the images on your wall represent your best work? If not – it’s time for an upgrade. Pick some great images and get new canvas wraps made for your space.
  • Run a contest next week. It could be for anything that would help your business grow. Maybe it’s for referrals? Another contest could be for folks that post about your business on Social Media, and you have a random drawing for them. People love canvas wraps. Be sure to put a value on the prize to excite them.
  • Marketing is a great use for these canvas wraps. Do you have any great shots from a venue or maybe a vendor – florist, cake, baby outfit, location etc…? If so, make them a beautiful canvas for their place of business. Be sure to add your logo, but not so it overpowers the photo. This is one of my number one ways of getting referrals.


I was honored to have H&H utilize some of my travel images in their booth this year for use at conventions. My travel images made a great grouping of canvas gallery wraps in the center of the display. Grouping multiple canvas gallery wraps together with a common theme really takes them up a notch.

H&H Color Lab Convention Booth

Foil Pressed Cards


Let’s talk about cards. While it’s great to offer these to clients as note cards or maybe wedding thank-you cards – it might be too late to take advantage of the sale. But it’s not too late to order some for your business. I actually have branded cards with my logo. I have two versions – a “thank-you” card and a blank one just with the logo. It may be old-fashioned – but I feel great whenever I receive a hand-written note from clients. You should do the same for your clients and vendors. I call this “grassroots” marketing and for me it is the best way to build any business.

Other 12 Days of Christmas in July items I would consider in my business would be the Leather Wrap albums – I love these for travel and personal photography. I also love their press books. The press books would make great inexpensive sample portfolios you could leave with vendors. The metal float frames are stunning as well. For something really unique and beautiful on the wall, these metals are just the ticket. Trying out products that you might not typically use is another great way to use this sale.

Metal Float Frame, Press Book, Leather Wrap Album

It time to review the Other 12 Days of Christmas in July to see what could possibly work for you and/or your clients and take advantage of some great savings.

William Innes is a Los Angeles based Wedding Photographer

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