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School photography year wrap up

We are fast approaching the end of another school year.  Here are a few reminders and suggestions to help you prepare for next school year:


1. Make sure you have signed or completed your school picture agreement and set dates with all of your schools for the fall 2014.  It is good to have your fall plan ready if your school is willing to plan ahead.   Here are a few questions to confirm with your schools this spring:


  • Will the photography take place in the same location as last fall?
  • Is the school expecting an increase or decrease in enrollment?
  • When might you expect to receive the student registration data?
  • Confirm an appointment for late summer to stop by the school to make final plans for picture day.


2. Touch base with schools that indicated they did not have a school portrait vendor.  There are always some late signings.  If they have signed with someone else, let them know you still want their business and ALWAYS check to see if there are other photographic opportunities available, such as sports or school events that you can help the school.



3. This is a great time to prospect new schools.   I suggest walking into a school ten days after the scheduled spring picture date and let them know once again that you would like their business.  Tell them that you are following up with some of your current schools and are wondering if they have a spring program.  They will most likely say that spring portraits were taken just ten days ago.  As soon as you hear that, immediately in your most excited voice ask wow “how did they look?”  When you are told they haven’t come back yet, make an audible surprised noise such as “huh!” maybe even jot it down on a note pad.  Put a bit of doubt in their mind, ‘yeah, they should have been here already’.  I have found that if something went wrong on picture day or if the school is unhappy they frequently bring it up at that point.


4. Treat the secretary with a small gift card or gift.

Photo Lab GifsRemember the school secretary is one of the hardest working people at the school and is the gate keeper.  Make her YOUR GUARD DOG.    Plus, do a little something for the principal right now as well.  It is always important to know something about your principal and his or her personal interests.  A sleeve of golf balls, a fishing lure, gardening item, etc.  They have some time off this summer to think of you each time they use your gift.


Good luck growing your business.  Successful people in the school, sport and event photography business know that opportunities and planning never stop.


Randy-MichaelisGuest Blogger: Randy Miachelis – Studio Consultant for H&H Color Lab. Contact Randy at rmichaelis@hhcolorlab.com.






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