5 Sure Fire Tactics to Promote a Photography Blog

Georgia McCabe has spent her 30 year career at the intersection of photography and digital technology.  As an author, speaker, trainer and social media and photography evangelist, her perspectives entitled  “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Friends…or Enemies” will appear in print in the upcoming book entitled The Relationship Age, by social media guru Mari Smith. Georgia is a frequent guest blogger for H&H and has put together this list of ways to promote a photography blog.

Promoting any kind of blog, in any niche, takes planning, time and effort. Once you have got some traffic coming to your Photography blog it’s time to get serious and set out a specific schedule. The scattergun approach, hoping that something will stick is no longer an option for any business that is planning on being around for the long haul! We’ll have a look at 5 tactics here that you can implement without breaking the Bank!

(1) Offline Promotion

It’s surprising how many ways there are to promote a blog offline. Any printed material such as business cards, flyers and so on, can include your blog URL. If you have occasion to mail a customer then it’s essential that you use this opportunity to make your blog known to the recipient. An idea that is often overlooked in the headlong rush to get online visitors is the Postcard Campaign. This combined with a special offer on your main website which requires the visitor to visit your blog can be effective. Use the back of business cards to craft an innovative offer which is only available from your blog!

(2) Social Media

The obvious place to start would be Twitter and Facebook. One of the Photo sharing sites such as Flickr would be a good way to highlight your talents. I think your main objective as always, is to create valuable content, excellent tips and strategies so that once people have found your blog you should be able to get them to spread the word and come back again and again. This takes time, so a solid structure to your blog is a prerequisitet before you ramp up your promotion.

Each new post on your blog can be broadcast on Twitter with a link back to your blog. On your Facebook Fan page you will need a link to your Photography blog and a weekly post here should bring more visitors.

(3) Corporate Website

Assuming your Blog is not a stand alone entity and it is linked to your Business Site then the opportunities to promote your Photography Blog are almost endless. You should have a link to your Blog on your home page, with a little write up and depending on your Site navigation, on each web page. You never know on which page your visitor will land so making sure they are aware of your blog with blanket coverage should ensure plenty of new visitors. Your website statistics program will aid you in evaluating the success of individual posts.

(4)Article Marketing

Getting a range of articles written and published on one or two of the top flight Article Directories will give you sometimes a significant boost in blog Traffic. Your headlines need to be dramatic and address all the major problems facing Photographers. A link to your Photography blog in your Author Bio will send people flocking to your blog if you have really provided valuable content in the article. Highlighting your knowledge and expertise in a series of articles on a specific theme is an excellent way of driving traffic.  A series of ”How To” Articles is always a good bet. If one article starts to show significant traffic then you could focus a series on this particular topic. If you specialise in short but frequent Blog posts then you have a ready made source of fresh content that with not too much additional effort can be expanded to traditional article length. What you are doing here is leveraging your original work and broadcasting it ever wider. Your collection of articles and posts can be combined to create a really excellent E Book which can be offered as a sign up freebie from your Blog alone. You would promote this on your main site thus giving you more Blog traffic!

(5)Influential Industry Bloggers

Interviewing any influential expert in their given field is a great tactic to promote your own activity but should probably be scheduled for a future date when you have achieved a certain level of readership on your own blog. This Tactic is perhaps the most involved but should bring substantial rewards given time.

In your daily blogging routine you should link to popular photographic blogs and leave comments. This will come to the attention of  the blog owner and his or her readers and your own blog will gain some exposure.

A really great way of gaining blog exposure is to craft a post using a concept that an influential Blogger has published and putting your own stamp on the article. Not so much a rewrite but an expansion of an idea. Here is your chance to shine and to show your understanding of the subject. As a courtesy gesture you could give credit to the original author and even link to the original post that inspired you. This will be much appreciated and will again get you and your blog noticed .You cannot copyright an idea or a concept so this is an area of great opportunity for you and one that you can harvest on an ongoing basis.

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