Professional Photographer Tips for Winning Youth Sports Photography Contracts

little league sports photographyThere are several types of sports photography and each has different ways to position a bid. Today we’ll let you know what to consider when getting Little League Sports Photography accounts.

A) Make sure to promote that your product provides parents with pictures that allow them to keep a time line of their child’s life.

B) Commission for league. In some larger leagues this is almost a second income.

C) Sponsor and coaches plaques. Many times the cost of these products is built into the package pricing and keeps leagues from reaching into their own pocket to pay for these needs.

D) If you get a league contract, many times a part of the contract is that you agree to shoot special events during the season. A few of these events could be awards night, all star games, opening day events, etc

E) Action photography.

F) Banners. This is a product that helps photographers take care of a league’s need for banners for sponsors who have given large donations. Photographers can give special pricing that saves the league hundreds of dollars which can be a great help in getting the contract.

G) Using a photo lab that has a large selection of specialty photo products. Many times a certain product will really impress the board members and can help you get the contract. Magnets, buttons, statuettes, clipboards, bag tags, keychains, banners, tickets, trading cards, mouse pads, dog tags and water bottles are all examples of popular specialty photo products.

H) Free coaches pictures.

Flexibility!!!!  When it comes to bids and contracts flexibility is the key word. You can work on five bids and the final contract for all five could be very different depending on their specific needs.

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