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Training Tuesday topics for this week are:

1.  Check out Photo Entrepreneur TV—H&H Sponsored episode!

2.  Photovision –last day the vault is open!

3.  Summer Classes at H&H—Schools 101


During this episode the boys discuss the old vs. new way of thinking about our industry and the directions we’ve decided to go.   Enjoy part two of an interview with Ken Whitmire about wall decor and how to promote it.    Then we take a question from a viewer about donating to charity auctions!  Enjoy and comment below!  Watch Now!




Photovision Final Day


Vault is open through tonight!  Watch Now!

Just in from Photovision—Photovision is extending the 50% off discount pricing for subscriptions and DVDs an additional week!  Take advantage of this amazing offer and educational resource.

Photography Schools 101

Are you photographing your first school next fall and feel overwhelmed?  Did you struggle last year with workflow and want help?  Schools 101 might be for you!


School PhotographySchool Photography Sales

For a small investment of money and a larger investment of time, we can teach you how to have a successful school picture season.  Hundreds of photographers have attended our school photography programs and walked away with information to make their lives simpler and more profitable.

Here are a few facts:

  • Early bird special runs through April 30th – Save $100 by signing up now!
  • Cost:  $150 for first person and $50 for each additional student from your studio
  • This is a beginning level workshop designed for studios entering or new to  the school business
  • Attendees will participate in a hands-on school shoot
  • Learn proven sales techniques from successful school photographer,  Jeff Edwards
  • Leave with an action plan and deadlines that will help you stay on top of things this fall season
  • Begin your flyer design during the class
  • Spend hands-on time in software working on sample projects to help you become familiar with the hhschools
  • This class will help you to brush up on your basics, refine your workflow and motivate you to sell more!
  • Get to know the H&H family and we get to know you!
  • Network with other photographers just like you.

Sign up NOW!

These are just a few of the highlights from the Schools 101 Class at H&H Color Lab this summer.   Please contact Amy Drum ( or anyone in customer service with questions about this excellent opportunity for school photography education and training!

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