Photography Products That Enhance Your Work: Metal Photo Prints

metal photo print float framesPrinting photos on metal has become more popular this year – but you still don’t see it commonly being displayed in homes. I believe there is definitely a market for metal prints. I also believe that it must be shown to sell.

Metals have an edgy, contemporary look and feel to them. Therefore, it is not something that I offer to a very traditional family. I do love to offer metals to my seniors and younger families. I show a 24×24 framed float metal in my studio in a well-lit area that is seen when entering. It has impact and I get a lot of questions about the piece. When I display work at auctions, malls, street fairs and other external venues I always take a large framed metal float because it is what I call a “show stopper.” In my lingo that means it grabs attention and gets people to stop and look at my work and remember my display.

I also have a display of square metals that hang from a plumber’s pipe by chain in my studio. When I ordered them from H&H I had the holes cut, corners rounded and even purchased the chain from H&H. When I received them, they were ready to hang. If I have a black and white – I use the aluminescence finish at H&H so that the metal shows through. When I have bright colors that I want to “pop” I use the brilliance finish.

All in all, I think I like the creativity exhibited by metal prints and I use that to enhance my work. Now that we are busy shooting our seniors again, it’s time to be thinking about how your work can be different than all the other senior photographers. Give the metals a try if you haven’t – they definitely set your work apart!!!

Guest post written by Teri Ritter of Teri Ritter Photography. Teri has been in photography industry for 10 years in San Diego, CA and Dexter, MI, specializing in families, seniors, and babies. Teri is also a Marketing Consultant and enjoys sharing marketing ideas and plans which boost the bottom line for professional photographers everywhere.

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