Photography Products That Enhance Your Work: Canvas Gallery Wraps

canvas gallery wraps for professional photographers
When creating an image do you envision the finished piece for your customer?

Canvas gallery wraps are the perfect product to enhance that special image.  Allowing for a variety of styles and finished images, the canvas gallery wrap is a great revenue builder, fitting all types of photography.

For family sessions where I might capture a series of images that work well together, I can create a cluster of canvases that will be displayed as a grouping in a variety of canvas sizes on a single wall.   During the session I talk about what I am envisioning and how the images will display together.  I am planting the seed of the sale, or “pre-selling” – what a concept!!

Some photographers who shoot tight are afraid to use canvas gallery wraps, thinking their style of photographing doesn’t allow enough room to “wrap”.  Fear not – I use a line of cluster and mosaics that allows the “wrap” to be a coordinating color, not the image.

I can also wrap the image.  For those images that I shoot loose, I can split the image and wrap it around the frame, envisioning a single large canvas. (Notice for a single, I call out LARGE!)

Those same mosaics, wrap clusters and split-wraps present you, the photographer, owner, CEO and chief bottle washer, the ability to garner additional sales by encouraging the purchase of several canvases, not just one.

Another benefit of the canvas gallery wraps, clusters and mosaics is they require no framing! They arrive with a saw tooth hanger, bumpers on the corners and the back enclosed, providing a total finished look for clients.

Clients also have choices of either a luster surface, or a pearl finish which creates a luminous quality to the image.

And, the best benefit is the low price.  Through purchasing a cluster or mosaic, the price is 20 – 25% less than if they were purchased individually.  That savings can either be passed on to the client, or go straight to your bottom line.

H&H Color Lab allows me to have fun, create and make money when I sell their mosaics, clusters, and split canvas wraps.  Check them out – their software makes it easy to order these wrapped groupings – just drag and drop your images, it can’t be simpler!

So, if you are looking for that next step up to make your work stand out, try a mosaic, cluster, or split canvas wrap…..let your creativity go while building your sales.

Guest post written by Teri Ritter of Teri Ritter Photography. Teri has been in photography industry for 10 years in San Diego, CA and Dexter, MI, specializing in families, seniors, and babies.  Teri is also a Marketing Consultant and enjoys sharing marketing ideas and plans which boost the bottom line for professional photographers everywhere.

Photo Credit: Ariana Falerni

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