Photography Blog Traffic Strategies: How to Write a Series

blogging tips for photographers“American Idol.” “The Biggest Loser.” Or an old favorite like“Dallas.” Why do people tune in week after week after week for the latest episode of their favorite characters’ lives? Because they want to find out what happens next. You can leverage this human tendency to want to stay up-to-date by writing an ongoing series for your website or blog.

Dripping a little bit of information, for a few days, ensures your readers  will come back to see what you have to say next.

Think about it this way: What if at the very beginning of the first episode of “Dallas,” the main characters spilled the beans and told you who shot J.R.? Would millions of people have continued to watch the show through to the resolution? Probably not. And if you tell your readers everything you know in the first blog post you ever publish, there’s nothing left for you to say.

Now, I’m sure you’re knowledgeable as a photographer and information for your customers is more than one blog post deep – or at least I hope so. So here’s how to make a blog series work for you:

  1. Pick a specific topic. Choose a topic that’s compelling enough to get into. Think “deep.” For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, you could write a series on hiring a wedding photographer, Traditional Portraiture vs. Photojournalism, Wedding Photography Checklist so you get the shots you want. Any one of those topics would provide deep subject matter to allow you to write a number of informational posts.
  2. Brainstorm Different Post Titles. Once you’ve chosen your topic, choose different post titles. You could do this by simply making a list of things you naturally cover when you’re meeting with a potential client.  If you are more of a creative thinker, you can do this in a mind map format.  Whatever the best method is for you try to come up with 5 titles. In our Wedding Photography example, the list might include:
  • Introduction: Top 5 Tips for Working with a Wedding Photographer
  • 5 Essential Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer
  • Traditional Portraiture vs. Photojournalism Wedding Photography Explained
  • The ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist?
  • How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photography Package

Heck, you could do a series on just one of the topics above: “Traditional Portraiture vs. Photojournalism, Wedding Photography ” – that could be a juicy series all in itself.

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