What has Caused Photo Books to Rise in Popularity?

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In recent years, it seems there has been a change in preference in regards to traditional wedding photo albums and custom photo books. This change has caused many photographers and companies who provide photo solutions to ask the question, “What has caused consumers to prefer photo book over traditional photo albums?” Let’s explore the elements of each and the differences between the two photo collection alternatives.

Photo albums have been used to vividly illustrate the stories of one’s past and protect an individual’s treasured memories.  Traditionally, professional photographers would gather all the photos taken from an event and strategically organize them in a photo album of some type. The photos would be manually attached with various types of adhesive to pages that were supposed to protect and enhance the photos.

So if traditional photo albums have become the new faux pas of the photo industry, what has replaced it? Photo books, on the other hand, have made a statement in the world of photo solutions with their new sleek design and “trendiness” factor.  To put it simply, a custom photo book is a printed bound book, much like a children’s picture book, that combines photos and, most times, text. Individuals can create and customize their photo books, something they couldn’t do with traditional photo albums, with special photo effects, custom text and other aesthetically pleasing features.

Custom Photo Books

The sheer size of the two options is one of the most obvious differences between custom photo books and traditional leather photo albums. Many photographers have found that their clients love photo books because of their ability to lay flat, as opposed to a think binder-like book that comes complete with a gutter. It is obvious that photo books are far easier to display with their space-savvy design. Photo book believers have said that they love keeping a stack of custom photo books, which take up the space of what one leather photo album would, on the coffee table for friends and family to view at any given time.

Traditional photo albums, as just mentioned, have become relics of the past. Pulling a traditional photo album out of the closet only seems to date the pictures found within it. It is common for someone to say, “That was years ago, because those pictures in the old photo albums on the top shelf of the closet.” This only shows that people feel the need to be modern and “in the times.” No one wants someone to come over and comment, “Didn’t you get married last year? I didn’t know photographers still made traditional wedding  albums?”

Traditional Photographic Wedding Album

Consumers often rave about the customizable element of personalized photo books. While traditional photo albums had their run with customizable features, also known as “scrapbooking”, it doesn’t compare to what technology has created with custom photo books. You can now log on to specialty photography websites and create your own photo book by uploading the photos you wish to feature in your book from your computer. Popular photo sites have streamlined the personalized photo book creation process so that consumers can create their own book in less than 15 minutes.

One of the most attractive aspects of a photo book, when compared to a traditional photo album, is the price.  Photo books can be created and purchased at a far less expensive price than a traditional photo album. Select photo books can be created and purchased for as low as $15. The difference in price is even different when you have to purchase all the “scrapbooking” paraphernalia to customize the photo album.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would someone ever opt to go with a traditional leather photo album when custom photo book present all these benefits?” I have found there are a few features of traditional photo albums that some consumers will always desire.

Just as some love the compactness of the photo books, there are consumers that want the thick and heavy photo album. Photographers have mentioned that some of their clients feel that a heavy, leather-bound book makes their photos carry more significance. Consumer have said, “When you pick up a photo wedding album and set it on your lap because of the weight, you feel that you are about to embark on a viewing experience of a significant event.”

Clients of photographers have also mentioned that they prefer a traditional photo album because of the fact that their photo albums from decades past still look as new as ever. Photo books have not been around long enough to know if they feature the longevity that photo albums do. Pictures tell stories and consumers want their stories to be told forever.

These are just some factors that may be the catalyst in regards to photo books becoming the new trend in the photography industry. Whether it’s a photo book or traditional photo album, be sure that your precious memories are well preserved for a long time to come.

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