Mobile Marketing Your Photography…The Next Big Next Thing!

Mobile Marketing For Photographers…A New Social Media Phenomena

Guest post from Georgia McCabe.

Today there are more than 1.8 billion internet users on the planet, including close to 1 billion Facebook users alone, and besides, there are over 5 billion cell phone users, most moving towards mobile internet connectivity. Amazing…right? Imagine what tapping the social media world can do for your photography business…how far you could go and the tremendous number of potential new customers you could reach? Mobile Marketing can make it all possible.  You could reach at least 3 times the audience as you would normally have running your photography business “the old fashioned way”! In today’s world it’s all about the internet and cell phones. Mobile Marketing makes it all possible.

Many of you are probably wondering “What in the world is Mobile Marketing for Photographers?” Well, let me just start out by saying that mobile marketing for you, a photographer, is a way to include exclusive offers, promotional deals, and have instant contact with your current consumers as well as reaching a larger group of potential clients.

Mobile Marketing can be used in a number of ways for photographers of all genres and styles; from Weddings, Senior portraits, to Sports Photography. It’s an instant way to connect with your consumer, either with photos you have taken or just a quick text message, email, or IM. You can even use two way chatting (back and forth messaging) about what their likes and dislikes of your images.

Mobile Photo Printing Trends

Using Mobile Marketing allows you to quickly and easily import and export mobile phone numbers from your current database. This affords a unique advantage to your consumer; to be able to see a photo you have chosen to send them directly, let them set it as their screensaver/ background image or send it via email, IM or text to family or friends. This gives them the opportunity to share how great they think your business is…telling everyone in their personal network where they got their amazing shots done. Everyone will want  that unique advantage of being able to see and share their photos instantly.

You will soon find that by using Mobile marketing you are not only giving your consumer a quick preview of what you are offering, but also allowing them to help build a growing client base for you by engaging them in a variety of unique ways, whether it’s contests, discounts, etc. I have shown a couple examples of what some studios have done.

Photo lab contests by SMSYou can create an easy sign up page so that new clients can enter their contact information and quickly come to you directly. You can even schedule messages for automatic future delivery time at selected times to keep your customers engaged.

Mobile Marketing also offers some additional photographically tuned features, like Mobile Voting, where you run a contest and have people text in to vote for their favorite portrait or image. It allows you access to appointment reminders, not just for you, the photographer, but also for your customer as well. This way there will be less of a chance for forgotten or late appointments. It’s an easy and unique way to send out automated appointment or session reminders via simple text messages.

During WPPI this week, I saw two of the H&H Color Lab speakers making significant use of these technologies.  Kirk Voclain used it to promote an offer to people who want to join his Pro4Um site.  In addition, once people signed up for his forum, he used it to communicate directly with them during the WPPI show itself.

H&H Color Lab is also using mobile to help photographers streamline other parts of their business, including the iPhone and Android apps you can use to check the status of orders in the photo lab.

Scott and Adina Hayne are also using it to great advantage. Here is a quick video from their WPPI-U presentation, showing how they rely on Mobile Marketing in their photography business:

Kirk, Scott and Adina are all using an application called itextphoto.  As a result of their success, I signed up for a membership myself and am planning on giving it a try.  It’s pretty simple since all you have to do to get started is text your studio name to 69302…and you are on your way to a whole new way of promoting your photography!

Mobile Marketing…it’s going to become the next biggest “thing” in studio marketing as we know it. Check out for more information, or call them directly 1.800.605.5131

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