Photography Marketing Tips with Teri

Today our photo lab’s turns the blog over to Teri Ritter for marketing tips:

Are you ready for the holidays? What?? – you ask – that’s months away.

Think again. The time to sell the holidays starts now! Your clients who are getting their portraits done now are buying for the holidays…Are you ready?

What does ready mean?

  • Are you thinking about holiday cards during your photo session?
  • Are you suggesting holiday gifts and cards during your sales session?
  • Are you marketing/advertising to the clients that you have photographed earlier this year for holiday gifts and cards?

To assist you in getting ready – here’s your list!

  1. Select 3 – 5 products that would work well as holiday gifts for dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, kids, etc. When selecting your products be certain that they are in the “add on” sales items – coffee table books, license plates, dog tags, etc. The purpose of the gift collection is to include products that provide you with a solid profit margin while “adding on” to the base sale. Create a display in your sales area of these gift items and feature them for your clients.
  2. Remember the saying: If you show it, you sell it. It is true; so be certain that you have samples of your gift items to show so that you can sell. Show big, don’t show small – or you will sell small.
  3. Prepare a display board or book showcasing past holiday cards you’ve created for your clients. Have them on display to reference during your sales session – remember that holiday cards also serve as an advertising piece; your logo and information should always be included on the backside. Another great way to build your sales is to attach holiday cards to a package or certain level of sales. For example, if a client spends $1,000 with you – they earn 24 (or 48) complimentary holiday cards.
  4. Contact your 2009 clients and send an email or note offering a “special” on holiday cards and gifts. The effort will be well worth it with one or two clients placing sales – and the work is purely ordering at this point . . . which means profits!!!
  5. A great way to drive your January/February traffic is to provide complimentary sessions to your clients to give as gifts. Offer them either at a discounted rate OR attach complimentary sessions to sales levels. This not only drives your immediate sale, but leads to future sales. When using this tactic you will want to detail the parameters to ensure that it is seen as a bonus and benefit to your client.

We’d love to hear how any one of these tactics works for you this year! Don’t forget – start NOW so that you are READY!!

Check out our professional photo lab‘s gift items and start your holiday marketing today!

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