Incorporating Workflow for Sales

Incorporating Workflow for Sales


I am a huge proponent of planning and documenting your workflow. When I give workshops on workflow – I let the participants know that the very first step is to write down everything you do in a list. I like to do this using either Word or Excel so it can easily be modified or edited. By creating a list, we can constantly review it for opportunities to eliminate, combine or add important steps for everything we do.

I am also not a big sales person, but always enjoy receiving additional sales and orders after a wedding. I try to include everything upfront in the original package purchased by the client. One of the ways I have discovered to add sales is an online web gallery, or proofing site. I use N-Vu and it is hard wired into my workflow. Their Room-Vu feature helps me sell large wall pieces. Let’s have a look at these.

Photoshop Image Processor –> 2000px for N-Vu upload

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N-Vu provides hi-res jpeg files uploads for product fulfillment and so clients can review images in great detail on their computer screen. My problem with that is takes forever to upload files. Today’s cameras create huge megapixel images. Combine that with uploading 1200 images and you get the picture. My solution is to quickly resize the images to 2000 pixels on the longest edge. They will upload much quicker and still look great on a hi res monitor. There is a couple of ways to resize the photos:

  • Perform a second export out of Lightroom with images resized to 2000 pixels. (This spring N-Vu will release a Lightroom plug-in that will automate this process.)
  • Use one of my favorite programs – Fundy Designer. Too much to discuss here, but Fundy will allow you to create multiple exports all at different sizes at the same time.
  • Or use one of Photoshop’s hidden little gems – Image Processor. You can find it by going to File->Scripts->Image Processor in the Photoshop menu system. It is a great tool for resizing images.


Upload to N-Vu Client Gallery

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I now upload my 2000 pixel images to an N-Vu client gallery. After the upload is complete, the first thing I do is create a discount coupon valid for only two weeks. I offer a 25% discount on all orders placed with the coupon.  Although clients have everything included in their package – their relatives and friends will always take advantage of the discount resulting in extra orders.


Activate N-Vu and advise clients

This is where I make the N-Vu gallery live (published). I send an email to the clients encouraging them to share the gallery and discount code coupon with their friends and family. It is important to create a sense of urgency by reminding them the coupon will expire in two weeks. Like I mentioned above – I love receiving extra print and canvas orders that I had not counted on.


Create Client N-Vu Mobile App and Advise Clients

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N-Vu has the ability to create a mobile app to share with your clients from the same upload as your Image Gallery. These mobile apps are installed on their phones and iPads in order for them to share their photos. They can be shared by text, email or social media. It’s a great way to market your studio.

Some photographers actually sell these as an add-on item. Others set them to expire, so any one it’s shared with can buy it to remove its expiration and watermarks. I personally like to surprise my clients with these.  N-Vu lets you set up multiple branding options that can be applied to each app. What a great way to have your clients show and share your work. They become salespersons for your business. This is a great to increase future bookings.

I have many other items included in my complete workflow. I encourage taking a little time and creating your own for everything you do.

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