How to Maximize Marketing Efforts While on the Go!

Wedding season is here and in full swing. I don’t know about you, but it seems I am shooting weddings every weekend, engagement sessions during the week and trying to stay ahead with editing. One of the dangers this time of year is to let marketing take a back seat to all the other tasks in front of us. If we let our marketing efforts slip now – it will result in less business in the future. Here are some ideas on how we can maximize our marketing efforts during this time of year.

  • Automate some of your marketing. Examples include –
    • Using to schedule your Instagram posts. I like to take half an hour every two weeks to schedule and prepare my posts using this awesome service.
    • Use Facebook ads. These take a little time to set up, but then they are on autopilot.
    • Participate on a few of the online wedding directories like WeddingWire and The Knot. Although these can be expensive options – they require very little maintenance after the initial set-up




  • Use an automated lead generation form and make sure it is in use on your website and blog. I use 17 Hats. With 17 Hats, I can even send an automated email response when clients inquire about my services. I even use 17 Hats in a completely automated Facebook ad campaign. My Facebook ad sends clients to a custom landing page. After an email address and name are entered on the landing page, this information automatically goes to 17 Hats and a workflow is initiated. The workflow sends an email with my pricing and then a follow-up email 5 days later. I literally have to do nothing!
  • Make sure to take care of your vendors and venues during slower times by giving them albums and canvases to show their potential clients. This is my number one marketing tip. Even during the busy season, my favorite venues and vendors are referring me and showing my work to brides and grooms that will reach out to me and eventually hire me.
  • You are your company’s most important asset. If you are busy photographing weddings – make sure you are energetic, fun and most importantly giving your clients an awesome wedding day experience. I cannot stress this enough. Other guests will take note of the experience and your personality and ask for a business card. There are always other guests that are getting married.
  • Make sure to clean house on your website during the slow season or take the time to do it right now. Your website is the first place potential clients go after learning about you or searching your name. You only have 5-10 seconds to impress them – so make sure your website is with the times, easy to navigate, provides all the information a bride and groom will need and most importantly – ONLY shows your best work!








  • Always have business cards with you. The rule states that you should be handing out a minimum of 5 business cards every day. It only takes a few seconds, but is a great way to get your name out there.

By prepping a little in the off-season you can still continue marketing during the crazy wedding season. I hope you all have a very successful 2017 season.

William Innes is a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer.

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