How to Increase Sales on 2nd Sale Opportunities

Fall school pictures are under way and it is time to do online 2nd Sales for school families.  H&H Color Lab’s online sales tool is HHImageHost and it is a great way to take the images you already have, and provide families another opportunity to purchase gifts and additional prints.

Here are our recommendations for web sales

2nd Sale Pricelist – include products like…

  • Basic retouching
  • 8×10
  • 5×7
  • Wallets
  • 11×14 mounted (ready to frame)
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Keychain
  • Image CD
  • Photo pen
  • Mouse pad
  • Dog tag

Pricing – if you offer the same product on your prepay or proof plan as online 2nd sale, then charge a bit more on HHImageHost so as to not incentivize your client to wait for the online sale next year.

For specialty products that you don’t offer on your initial sale, sell them at a lower margin.  2nd sale is NOT about margin.  It is about additional $ in your pocket.

Incentive – create an HHImageHost coupon that expires 1 week after the picture packages are delivered.

Marketing – a strong 4×10 insert design goes a long way to enticing mom to go online and purchase after she has purchased the first time.  Make it motivating by including small graphics of a few of the less expensive but popular products like an ornament, keychain, and photo pen.  Include your coupon code with the titling “Expires 5 days after receiving your school package” or “first 20 online orders get 25% off!”

HHImageHost Event creation:

  • Keep studio name and event names short so url does not get too long to fit on the 4×10 insert or packaging labels
  • If you are going to offer 2nd sale on more than 2 or 3 schools
    • setup an event preset that has all your settings filled out
    • use the same price list to keep it simple
  • Create a coupon code for each delivery date so that the coupons expire appropriately
  • Create the HHIH event using autopost to HHImageHost in eZevent.  Use the “create from preset” wizard.

Final testing:  Buy something from yourself at the studio.  Before you launch with your  schools, use the entire system and order from yourself.  If you do get a client call it will be very easy to answer if you have used it yourself.

For more information about our online sales tool, HHImageHost, check out these links:


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