How Photographers Can Keep the Contracts They Have and Maintain a Secure Cash Flow

professional photographer cash flow enhancementsGetting a new contract is great and it gives you a great feeling of accomplishment, but keeping the contracts you already have will provide a solid foundation to your business.  With that in mind, here are some tips to help you successfully keep your present contracts and the cash flow that comes with it.

1) Be sure your contact information is on everything that leaves your office.

  • Picture delivery box
  • Reorder insert
  • Picture envelope
  • Web site
  • Coaches letter

2) Personal contact with a customer is vital to a good relationship.

  • Many contracts now require that your office have your phone answered 9 to 5. This, of course, is the best option during regular business hours to take care of your customers.
  • If a customer ends up in your voice mail, it is of extreme importance to get back to them as soon as you can. I would always apologize for missing their call.  Always make your customer feel like they are the most important person you are dealing with.
  • When you answer or return a missed call, remember the tone of your voice will influence the tone of the entire conversation.
  • What you want to avoid at all cost is allowing a customer to become frustrated because they cannot get in touch with you.

3) Take every opportunity to be inside the office of your customer. The more they see you, the more you become part of the family.

  • Deliver pre-pay envelopes in PERSON
  • Pick up any late orders in PERSON
  • Deliver pictures in PERSON
  • Deliver commission check on time and in PERSON
  • Any other reason to go to your customers office, take it in PERSON

YES, it’s great to get that new contract, but keeping the ones you already have is the key to keeping your business!!!!!

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