HHImageHost Professional Photography Online Proofing and sales has now added Coupons and Online Prepay

HHImageHost started three years ago as a way to help professional photographers sell volume school, sports and events online.  Private studio branding, custom price lists, very low fees and broad product offering was what the consumer would see.  Behind the scenes, however, the ability to market online sales in the ready to deliver school and sports envelopes with individual passwords made HHImageHost so simple and easy for the independent photography studio to realize the ‘found money’ of selling images again.

Since then, HHImageHost has added the ability to create coupons & vouchers.  Coupons can be used to incentivize clients to view images online before your “% off” coupon expires.   Vouchers can be used to eliminate photographing on speculation by being able to charge up front for photography while providing your client the value of a coupon for a discount off of products when they buy online.

HHImageHost’s coupon interface is simple and flexible:

high volume online photo proofing

HHImageHost has now released a new selling tool – Online Prepay.

If your professional photography studio is selling using prepay flyers and want to reduce your labor and improve security, or if you want to start taking credit cards, HHImageHost Online Prepay can help you!

In this example, I setup an online storefront for Imagine Studios for Valley City High School.

online photo proofing site

HHImageHost Online Prepay is intended to mirror your prepay flyer.   By adding a section on your flyer that tells customers that they can buy using credit cards online, you can increase sales, increase the security of taking credit cards, and reduce studio labor.

Prepay Flyer
professional photo proofing
HHImageHost Online Prepay
professional photography proofing

After your client selects the packages and add-ons they wish to buy, HHImageHost prompts them for up to four fields that you define and any data you need for name on wallets, trader cards, etc.

professional photo proof ordering

This ensures that you receive the client information you need for picture day.

After your clients provide their credit card information, they are give a receipt to print out (much like an airline boarding pass) that they print and bring to picture day in their prepay envelope.

online photo proofs

You enter the data just like you do for checks and cash.  You may also go online and print out sales reports of your events and the email addresses of the clients who logged in.

HHImageHost will send you a check at the end of each for your prepay retail sales less 3% credit card fee and 3% processing (6% total).

Our hope is that HHImageHost will allow you to continue to grow your business by increasing sales opportunities, being easier to do business with and by reducing studio labor.

If you haven’t signed up for HHImageHost yet, sign up now!

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