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using twitter to build email listSocial media, social media, social media blah blah blah…

Ok – so I know you have all heard a lot about social media. You are either totally in love with it or sick and tired of hearing about it. Maybe a little of both.

No matter where you are with it, social media really is just ‘the internet’. The internet itself has morphed from a monologue into a dialogue and now more than ever information, news and rumors spread at unbelievable speeds. Easily defined it’s a conversation, a dialogue, it’s the world connected in ways that have never been possible before. That’s why you need to at least understand what social media is and how it affects your business – and your email list.

People can either love you, hate you or know nothing about you. Of course you want to use social media to get people to love you. And you can also use social media to get people on your email list.

Two of the biggest players in social media are Twitter and Facebook. Millions of people go to these two sites daily.

Check out these few examples of how you can use social media to advertise and market your email list and make it news worthy so people will spread the word:

  • offer a limited time bonus for those who sign up by X date (maybe a discount)
  • give away a valuable report ie. How to dress for your photoshoot
  • give away a product in exchange for feedback (may need to be limited!)
  • offer a valuable ecourse

Just make sure you’re getting the word out on social media – and giving others the opportunity to do the same by including ‘Share this’ buttons on your blog posts. You can even network with others on this. Ask friends to Retweet your announcements in trade for Retweeting theirs.using facebook to build email list

Another way to use social media to build your list is to use a ‘splash page’ like the one to the right.

The best chance to capture leads on Facebook is when a visitor first lands on your Fan Page. The example is a great way for you to captivates and convert visitors into fans and leads with 3 strategic call-to-actions:

  • Video Welcome Message
  • Opt-in Form
  • Fan-Gate Incentive (i.e. click ‘Like’ to download our free report)

New visitors will land on your Facebook Lead Conversion Page (which you set as your default page). The goal here is to encourage them to ‘Like’ your page and fill out the form.  Then when they become a fan they can download your content.  Finally when they fill out your form you can set it up to receive an instant email notification.

Instead of leading people to your wall, lead them to a page like this. It tells them your story, gives them a reason to opt-in with some valuable content and then provide you with their contact information.  Then, in all your subsequent social media interactions, provide value time after time after time.

Here’s something that many people won’t tell you: There is no ONE way to build your email list overnight. A clear goal, a focus and small steps bit by bit by bit will get you there. This is GOOD news because now all you do is to do ONE THING, right now, to be on your way to a bigger list. Then do something else, then repeat, and repeat and repeat. Before you know it you’ll be wondering how you build such a quality list and a devoted following!

Georgia McCabe takes us through some useful tips and tricks for optimizing Facebook activities. Interesting ways for navigating Facebook and for getting the most for your efforts. As an author, speaker, trainer and social media and photography evangelist, her perspectives entitled “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Friends…or Enemies” appear in print in the book entitled The Relationship Age, with social media guru Mari Smith. Georgia is a frequent guest blogger for our photo lab.

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