Five Things Every Photography Studio Website Needs

websites for photographersPhotography Website Tip #1 – Include Pictures

File this tip under “well, duh”. You’re a photographer, so your website needs to show off your work in the most complimentary way possible. Share pictures of your most photogenic subjects and show off the wide variety of skills you have. Show the consumer that you’re a great photographer on your website, and they’re more likely to reach out to you for their photography needs.

Photography Website Tip #2 – Have a Beautiful Design

You’re an artist, so the consumer expects your website to show a fair degree of artistic aptitude. An ugly and frumpy design is going to make you look like a photographer that takes ugly and frumpy photos. Speaking of beautiful designs, check out our seven FREE WordPress templates for photographers!

Photography Website Tip #3 – Include Your Address and Phone Number

Another “well, duh” item, but you’d be surprised how many photography websites make it impossible for you to find out how to contact them. Ideally, your contact info is at the top of every single page, so it cannot be missed by somebody looking to give you their money!

Photography Website Tip #4 – Remember a Call-to-action

Your website’s main job is to act as a sales tool for your business. Make sure the tool is actually designed with sales in mind. The website should make your visitors flow directly to your money-making pages. If you want people to hit your contact page, make sure the website’s language and design is directing people to that page. Make it easy to get to your pages, and use precise language, deals, and eye-catching buttons to steer people to using your services.

Photography Website Tip #5 – SEO

SEO, or “search engine optimization”, is an absolute must for every photographer’s website. SEO ensures that people will come to your site after it goes live. Photographers often have a plan to get a website up and running but forget that it’s even more important to get people to come to the site. That’s where SEO and an actionable content creation plan comes in.

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