10 Tips to Enhance Your Marketing Partnerships for Your Photography Business!

Georgia McCabe has spent her 30 year career at the intersection of photography and digital technology.  As an author, speaker, trainer and social media and photography evangelist, her perspectives entitled  “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Friends…or Enemies” will appear in print in the upcoming book entitled The Relationship Age, by social media guru Mari Smith. Georgia is a frequent guest blogger for H&H and has put together this list of ideas for enhancing marketing partnerships.

While photography can be a very solo pursuit, marketing your photography business doesn’t have to be. Check out these ten tips on how to effectively market your business using community partnerships!

1. Team up with a Café

Ask a café or restaurant owner to display your prints and they’ll get free decoration while you get sales.

2. Hair Salons

Talk with local salon owners about using your pictures as decorations for the salon. Once you have an established relationship, consider seeing if they would be interested in taking before and after shots of clients to feature in the salon.

3. Children’s Locations

Identify local companies that offer kid-friendly lessons; dance studios, karate studios and horseback riding stables are great places for you to take interactive photos that can be offered to the company for placement on their marketing materials or Facebook fan pages.

4. Nursery Schools

While elementary schools may have pre-established school photographer contracts that will be difficult to infiltrate, nursery schools usually do not. Offer to take class and/or individual nursery school pictures for a nominal fee. This is a great way to build your credibility amongst the school community while getting your name out to a key demographic

5. Job Fairs

More and more people are relying on traditional job fairs to help them find work. Speak with the job fair organizers in advance and offer to take professional headshots of the attendees. Consider doing this for free as it is a great way to expand your audience while garnering plenty of attention.

6. Pet Lovers

If you like photographing cats and dogs, try teaming up with a pet store, a doggy day care or a kennel. Again, they can host or sell prints while you get to market to a targeted audience.

7. Bridal Shops

The bridal community is always in need of photographers. Team up with local bridal shops and offer to place some of your bridal pictures in the store as decoration. If you have a well developed relationship with any bridal service provider in your area, discuss the possibility of offering joint packages where bridal and engagement photos are included with another bridal service.

8. Social Clubs

Social Clubs like the Rotary are always hosting events that need mementos. Get in contact with a local social club and ask if they need a photographer. Offer to share the proceeds of the sales with the organization.

9. Join a Band

Find a local group on the up, sign an exclusive agreement and make band photos and t-shirts to sell for a royalty on their site and at their gigs.

10. Facebook Places

Just launched, Facebook Places allows users to check-in to places they visit and tag friends. Consumers can find out about deals at nearby coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores, which they can redeem by checking in via Places.  Why not consider approaching a local establishment and offer up a framed print or a discount for your services.  Just another creative marketing approach using today’s technology.

Take advantage of the available connections in your community to help successfully market your photography business!

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