5 Ways Valentine’s Day Can Boost Your Photography Business

5 Ways Valentine’s Day Can Boost Your Photography Business

While love is in the air this season, so is the desire to purchase something for friends and loved ones. Well, whether it’s a desire or necessity is left to be debated, but there is a need for photographers either way. With less than a week until Americans start opening those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, photographers have a great opportunity to gain new customers (and cater to existing clientele) with these five types of sessions:

Infant Sessions — Valentine’s Day Photography Business Boost #1

Baby’s first holidays are a great way to document the first year of an infant’s life. Parents love celebrating first Christmases with ornaments, first Easters with little bunny outfits, and Valentine’s Day should be no different. Advertise some portrait sessions in your studio or at a client’s home through social media or your website. It is probably best to avoid a mini-session for these portraits, as infants most likely will not cooperate on a very limited timeline. Make sure to bring your own props to allow yourself or your business to stand out from other photographers, especially if you advertise these before the shoot. Create some setup ideas before your shoots, that way you can position the baby quickly without a lot of stall time for the parents. And most importantly, make sure you enjoy being around infants beforehand – nothing will turn parents away faster than a photographer who doesn’t really enjoy looking at their pride and joy.


Depending on where you live, an outdoor family shoot may not be possible during the winter season. Getting a session in with a family can be easier in an outdoor environment, but coming to their house can also be something great. Advertising sessions for in-home family portraits allows interested clients to envision a sweet, family moment captured in a happy home. Valentine’s Day can be a great way to advertise “Love Your Family,” photo shoots – a sentimental moment captured as a keepsake for years to come. Try to give a variety of options to the families you are trying to gain as clients, that way nothing seems too cookie-cutter or boring. Showing examples of previous family shoots is a must, and you can even set up a portfolio of these images on your social media channels.


For the summer weddings, February is an ideal time to start getting engagement photos done. Couples can begin to do their save-the-date mailers around the holiday of love, and giving them a Valentine’s Day themed session ties right into that. Come up with some creative lines you can place on a chalkboard during your photos. Examples include, “Soon-to-Be Forever Valentines,” or, “He Stole Her Heart. She Said Yes.” If you haven’t gotten many weddings booked for the upcoming wedding season, this is a good way to start gaining some great business. Offering a discount to any engaged couple photographed toward their upcoming wedding is an easy way to maintain those clients as more than just one-shoot customers.

valentines day engagement photoshootsImage by William Innes Photography


Finding a gift for your sweetheart isn’t always easy, but for your not-so-sentimental clients this kind of present could give them an edge. Creating a surprise Valentine’s Day shoot at the beginning of a date night, during a surprise engagement, or any other romantic date idea is a way for one partner to surprise the other and get it captured in photos. When working on a secretive shoot like this, make sure to set up a way for your client to email you or message you privately. Bring some cute props that will allow the target person in the surprise to feel comfortable (he/she may not immediately want to liven up for an unplanned photo shoot). The best thing to remember during these shoots is to emphasize the surprise factor and make sure to get “the shot” when the Valentine surprise subject arrives.


While this sounds very risqué, it really doesn’t have to be. Advertising a pinup shoot or “boudoir” photo shoot can allow you to cater to female clients hoping to give their partners a special photograph or album for Valentine’s Day. To make this a little more inviting, partner with a local hair and makeup artists to offer sessions that include a full makeover before the shoot. Bring champagne or sweets to offer from a local business (even feature them with business cards if desired) while the subject is preparing for her pictures, and you can even take this a step further by having a “Bring a Friend” referral discount. Someone may feel more comfortable in your studio if a friend is also coming to have her photos taken, and it can be a fun ladies night as well. These sessions are best offered in a studio or location where your clients feel comfortable – offering to come to their homes may be a little too invasive.

So there you have it. Maybe you aren’t a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but it can be an excellent way to advertise your business and gain new clients. Whether you are doing a photo shoot for infants, families, couples or as a way to create a gift from one partner to another, these helpful suggestions will get you through it easily.

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