10 Tips to Boost Your Photography Business with Instagram

10 instagram tips for professional photography studios

Not using Instagram? Then your studio is missing out on potential clients. Designed specifically for photo sharing, Instagram is the perfect social media match for professional photographers. With over 500 million active users, this platform can be used as a powerful marketing tool for photography studios. The simplicity of Instagram’s user-friendly app makes it painless and easy to reach out to your audience. So, make sure you’ve got plenty of storage on your phone…we’re gonna make Instagram your studio’s favorite new marketing tool!

Why Your Photography Studio Should Use Instagram

Check out that number above, more than 500 million people use Instagram, with 300+ million of those using it every day. More than just the number of users, Instagram’s users are part of an extremely desirable demographic: millennials and younger.

Are you a photographer specializing in portraits for high school seniors? Instagram is the place for you! According to the Pew Research Center’s most recent “Social Media Update,” Instagram now has the largest population of young users (even more than twitter and Facebook). More than 60% of its users are under 30. That’s a lot of students potentially looking for portraits and young adults just starting families.

How Your Studio Can Use Instagram!

Now that you can see why using Instagram can be such an important tool for your studio in reaching new & younger audiences, let’s take a look at some of the most important things you can do to increase your benefits from using Instagram.

Instagram Tip #1: Look Professional

Everything from your comments on photos to your profile bio should look polished, intentional, and match your company’s branding as much as possible. Use your company’s name (keep your personal account separate to build that on its own) and write an informative, but concise bio.

Instagram Tip #2: Update Your Bio Hyperlink

Direct traffic to specific pages on your website by regularly updating the hyperlink in your bio. For digital junkies, convenience is king. Simply write “clickable link in bio” in your caption to lead customers to your online store or blog.

Instagram Tip #3: Tag Everything

Similar to Facebook, a tag on Instagram notifies the user. Tagging is an easy way to get get more likes, comments, reposts…even new followers! Tag your vendors, your partners, anybody you already have a relationship with or want to have a working relationship with. Reach out and expand your base.

Instagram Tip #4: Stay Active

Infrequent posting makes your business appear slow or unpopular. Start by committing to a few posts a week and branch out from there. And remember ––there’s a difference between staying active online and posting too much!

Instagram Tip #5: Be Smart With Hashtags

While Instagram will allow up to thirty hashtags, it’s recommended to keep it around five. To get the most value out of a hashtag always use them with a specific audience in mind. Also keep hashtags simple and short so they’re easier to read and remember. Be sure to tag your location too if it’s relevant.

Instagram Tip #6: Engage With Your Followers

Make a potential client notice you by regularly liking and commenting on their accounts. The more you interact with other accounts, the more you can expect in return. Instagram is a social platform, so talk.

Instagram Tip #7: Follow The Right People

Who you follow on Instagram is just as important as what you post. Take time every month or so to make sure you’re following all the right people from new clients to industry influences.

Instagram Tip #8: Talk About Your Images

Everyone loves a good story. Your followers will feel more connected to you (and your work!) by drawing them in with a well-written caption. Just make sure to not bore your readers with a lengthy caption.

Instagram Tip #9: Make Sales and Giveaways Exclusively For Instagram

Creating contests is a useful method to get more followers and increase engagement on your account. Create a hashtag so you can keep track of all the entries that come flowing in. And if you’re having a sale, make sure to share all the info on Instagram.

Instagram Tip #10: Show Off Your Personality

Your signature style makes your photographs unique. Just because you want to come off as a professional doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your humor. In fact, a distinct sense of humor will make your Instagram standout from all the competition.


If potential clients are active on Instagram, you should be too. The 10 Instagram tips for your studio above will keep you from missing out on business opportunities in the future… and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!


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