Think Outside the Box for Wedding Photography Marketing

I love the specialty items available from H&H. I am a wedding photographer and therefore don’t have much opportunity to sell these type of products to my clients like my high school senior and portrait photographer friends. It just means that I have to get creative in using them for my business.

I believe the best way to get new business is referrals from clients, both current and past. To get these referrals it becomes necessary to always have your name in front of the client. Another way to get these referrals is to give your clients something of value. In marketing this is called the principle of reciprocity – the human nature of feeling that a favor needs to be repaid.

Here are two examples where I use H&H specialty products to help in my marketing efforts:

Since the holidays are here – I made a list of 25 clients that fit the profile of my favored demographic. I then ordered custom Christmas tree ornaments that H&H makes. I created one for each client with a wedding image on one side and their names and year on the other. I am mailing these with a personal Christmas card thanking them for their business.

outside the box wedding marketing ideas

Another awesome use for specialty products for wedding and portrait photographers are client welcome kits. I purchased templates for Photoshop online and designed a welcome kit for my wedding clients. It includes some printed information cards – such as a welcome card, business card, accordion card with beauty tips for the bride and a nice 5×7 card all about engagement sessions. I also included an “I DO” dry erase board and a 5 inch trifold with general wedding info. I package all these items in a nice box laced with beautiful tissue paper. When clients book a photographer it is always nice that they receive something tangible to take home.

outside the box wedding marketing ideas
outside the box wedding marketing ideas
outside the box wedding marketing ideas

Another idea I am considering for next year is to order some mini books when I order my wedding albums, but wait until year-end to send them out as holiday gifts.

Be sure to think outside the box on how you can be using press print and specialty items to grow your business and client following.

Next month I plan on writing on destination weddings, including the pros and cons.

Happy Holidays.


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