Sports Photography Prepay Envelope Tips

sports photography prepay envelopesOne of the most common ways to approach a sports picture day is the prepay method. This can be for both little leagues and school sports.  There are many different ideas on how to set up your sports photography packaging and add-on products using this method and each photographer will tell you that his envelope works for him!  After thirty years in the sports picture business, I have developed some specific ideas for my prepay envelope that I would like to share…..FIRST, let’s establish that for the most part MOMS buy the sports pictures!!!

1) My picture packages have prints only.  I believe that moms count the number of prints needed and the sizes and will buy the package that fills that need.

2) Specialty products are sold separately. Because of the cost of many specialty products, the markup has to be kept lower than what we would all prefer to charge – – to not out-price the sports market.  If you include a specialty product in your package, whether you admit to it or not, you have discounted it in relationship to selling it as a separate add-on item.   I believe that if a buyer is a “button” person, a “trader card” person or a “magazine cover” person,  they will find their product in my add-on section and pay my price and not a discounted price because it is included in a package.

3) No more than four wallets in each package. I found that wallets are the number one add-on unit.  I want clients to go to my add-on list and purchase extras.   If I include eight or twelve wallets in a package, then there is no need to buy extra wallets from the add-on section.

These are three points I have followed for many years in creating my sports prepay envelope.   I also believe that over the last thirty years these three principals have, without a doubt, increased my bottom line. And that, I believe, I was able to take to the bank!


Guest Post by Jim Seers, who is H&H Color Lab’s Sports Photography Expert

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