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School is back in session.   Fall sports are underway.  A great way to expand your school contract business is to photograph teams and individual players.  High school teams and club sports teams have become a large part of my overall sales mix.   As I work on expanding that segment of my business, I thought I would share one of my newer initiatives.

Last week I approached the athletic director of my main high school with a proposal.  If he would line up each team, I would photograph the team and donate a poster printed as a banner that the high school can hang overhead from the hall.  All I asked is to also photograph each senior team member and provide a special action poster or banner offer to them.  He loved it and was all over it.

Here’s the beauty of doing this –

  1. Every single student in the high school – (700) will see the banners every day – multiple times
  2. When there are events at the high school (band events, conferences, basketball games, wrestling meets, etc)– every parent attending will see the banners
  3. Oh yes, the banners will have my logo on them – visible to all
  4. The senior posters/banner I create are eye catching, modern and edgy – ESPN Top Ten worthy,  I believe!
  5. My investment is small due to the great pricing of the H&H Banners – 24×30 = 15.84 per banner!  Wow  – I can’t beat that cost per exposure!

In my marketing opinion, this will grow various parts of my overall business – high school senior business, more team work, more club team work, and more families – as it all affects one another!

banners for photographers

Keep some things in mind when trying this in your schools:

  • The banners must hang in a highly visible location
  • The banners must be designed in an eye catching, edgy style (like an action poster) that adds to your credibility as a photographer

sports banners for photographers

H&H’s vinyl banners come with 4 grommets – for easy hanging – larger banners come with 6 grommets.

Banner edges are folded and sealed.

The banners are made of 13 oz vinyl banner material and come in sizes from 12” x 18” up to 50” x 108”.

H&H prices cannot be beat!

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