New Products! Leather Cuffs, Strappy Bracelets, and Vintage Wooden Boxes

leather cuff photo bracelets

— My Favorite New Photo Products from H&H Color Lab! —

Wedding and Portrait photography has never been just about creating breathtaking images. While the photographs themselves are a huge component, they must be incorporated into your client’s life in some way. We live in a time where electronic devices are at our fingertips, and some think delivering digital images is enough, but our world isn’t quite as electronic as we think. Every home has painted walls that beg for artwork, coffee tables are made for books and albums to be displayed, and clothing made of fabric comes alive when paired with accessories, such as fine jewelry. I’m happy to work with H&H, a lab that offers a variety of ways for my clients to enjoy art in their lives. I was thrilled when I saw the new leather jewelry and vintage wooden boxes at the H&H booth at WPPI, because I knew exactly how to use them!

The Claire Leather Cuff Bracelet appeals to all types of clients. I’ve noticed that when parents think of their seniors going off to college they would appreciate a simple but elegant way to remember them – this is where a leather cuff bracelet with a beautiful portrait can serve as an everyday remembrance. Mothers love their children at all ages of course, so these cuffs will be loved whether they have a senior or a baby on them!! There are two different colors of leather, two strap widths, and several bezel options to fit your studio’s style.

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Here is a wide brown cuff with a medium round bezel featuring a bridal bouquet:

leather cuff photo bracelets

Here is a wide black cuff with a medium ornate bezel featuring a senior:

leather cuff photo bracelets

Here is a wide brown cuff with a large round bezel featuring a senior:

leather cuff photo bracelets

Here is a wide black cuff with a large ornate bezel featuring a daughter-daddy moment:

leather cuff photo bracelets

Here is a thin brown cuff with a medium round bezel featuring a detail from a senior session:

leather cuff photo bracelets

Here is a thin black cuff with a small ornate bezel featuring a happy baby:

leather cuff photo bracelets


While brides aren’t usually excited to wear a portrait, they may love the idea of their bouquet on a strappy leather wrap bracelet, helping them remember all the memories. Thank goodness the Claire Leather Wrap Bracelet exists!

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Here is a black Claire Leather Wrap Bracelet (it’s also available in brown) featuring a bride’s bouquet:

strappy leather photo bracelet

When it’s time to deliver digital files, it’s important to package them well and make a good and lasting impression. H&H makes this easy with their engraved vintage wooden boxes, which happen to be available with matching USB drives! They come in four different colors: white, green, brown, and black, so you can match them to your style. The best part is that since these can be ordered one at a time, they can be personalized for each client!

Click here for vintage wood photo box pricing and details.

Here are the four different colors with matching USB drives (which are ordered separately)

vintage wood photo boxes

Here are three examples of the engraving:

engraved vintage wood photo boxes

I hope these new products get your creative mind flowing with ideas on how to market and sell beautiful art to your clients!


professional photographerGuest post by Erin Hernandez-Reisner, Photographic Artist & Owner of Photos Edge.

A Bit About Me: I relate to all dreamers, choose to see the beauty in this world, and strive everyday to make real connections with my clients.

Belief: I hope to always inspire, motivate, and evoke confidence in other photographers because I believe that dreams, goals, and life are important. No matter what we do or where we end up.


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