Instant Credibility & Brand Recognition with myESPN Highlights Photo Products

myespn highlights photo product templatesIt is difficult to juggle the various demands of our photography businesses, and continually monitor and modify our product offerings to ensure that we grow.  Yet it is important that we do.  This photographic industry has become extremely competitive (yes, more so than before) and will most likely stay very competitive with the changes in technology.  Therefore, I know that in order to be different from my competition, I must offer products that highlight my differences.  I know that my differences are in the quality of my work, my customer service and professionalism.

I am in the process of updating my sports line up of products for fall and winter sports and just learned about the myespn highlights photo products photo products introduced at H&H.   Wow! This gives me a great opportunity to not only expand my product line, but grow my business in a variety of ways.

My plan is to add myespn highlights photo products magazine covers, trading cards, memory mates, etc in addition to the single line, sports specific templates that I have typically offered.  This provides a choice for my clients – and choice is what the consumer is demanding.  The consumer wants more, more, and more.  We must provide choices and control in order to meet their wants and needs.  However, it must be done in a manner that allows us to be profitable and maintain systems in our businesses.

The beauty of the myespn highlights photo products photography products is that it has instant credibility and brand identity.  This means I don’t have to educate or sell it to my clients. This positive brand identification adds credibility to my business and my work.

The myespn highlights photo products brand identification should grow my “add on” sales through selective product offerings added to my current line.  What kid in sports isn’t aware of the myespn highlights photo products Top Ten and wants to be part of it?  Now with my product line up – they can be part of it and the proof is displayed in their own home!

Additionally, I will be using the myespn highlights photo products product line as a leverage point to attract and sell new leagues.  I am preparing my sales kits and leave behinds to include myespn highlights photo products products – and the fact that it is specifically licensed through H&H Color Lab allows me to offer something different than other photographers in my area – making my work and business stand out.

I am excited about the myespn highlights photo products product line and think you should check it out!

Guest post written by Teri Ritter of Teri Ritter Photography. Teri has been in photography industry for 10 years in San Diego, CA and Dexter, MI, specializing in families, seniors, and babies. Teri is also a Marketing Consultant and enjoys sharing marketing ideas and plans which boost the bottom line for professional photographers everywhere.

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