How Professional Photographers Can Stand Out: Try Something New!

In this day and age of sameness, I think it’s important to stand out and offer something different. Just have a look at the large retailers – it seems they are all selling the same products. This holds true for photographers, as well. We all tend to offer prints, canvases and albums that on the surface may be difficult for our clients to see any real difference. To run a successful business these days, you have to stand out and have a differentiator.

As photographers we have four main areas where we can be different:

  • Personality
  • Products
  • Service
  • Photography

With great service being a given, we also need to have a personality that is both remarkable and likeable, great photography skills and products that separate us from the competition.

I can address personality traits and photography skills in a future blog post, but today I would like to look at a product we can use to stand out from the pack.

tips for professional photographers to stand out

The new Leather Wrap Albums from H&H are very distinctive and unique. With two styles to choose from, you will be able to match the look and feel of your business and your client. Both styles are very different and look nothing like a traditional photography album. This is exactly the differentiator you need to separate yourself from your competitors.

The two available styles are “Urban”, which is black leather and has a very modern feel to it, and “Rustic”, which is distressed brown leather and really fits the vintage look. The Rustic uses a very cool leather strap closure, while the Urban uses a very clean looking metal button stud closure. Both are available with three paper types – watercolor, art matte or recycled. The pages can either be straight cut or hand-torn edges. Hand-torn edges are my favorite as it offers a custom “art feeling” to the albums.

These albums are offered in two sizes 6×6 and 9×9 with a minimum of 8 sides. Extra sides in sets of 4 can be added up to a maximum of 48. A matching leather envelope for storing and keeping the albums is a great option – so much cooler than a traditional box.

how pro photographers can stand out

4 ways a professional photographer can stand out from the crowd

bring more attention to your photography studio

ways professional photographers can try something new

Some of the ways these albums can be used in your business and product offerings are:

  • Portfolios – What a great way to present your work to potential clients for review. The smaller size and footprint of these albums, along with the leather envelope, makes it easy to always have one with you in your business bag – no more lugging around a large heavy book.
  • Personal Work – Besides wedding photography, I am an avid travel photographer. I am very blessed to be able to travel the country speaking on travel photography. I had a Rustic Leather Wrap made showcasing some of my recent travel photography. It is a great way to share my work.
  • Main Album for Certain Market Segments – These books would be awesome to use as the main album for seniors, portraits, babies and boudoir sessions.
  • Incentives – Did I mention the low cost of these albums? They are offered at a great price point. I would use them as an incentive to get clients to book a larger wedding package. For example – book my package that includes a large traditional 12×12 wedding album and I will give you a 9×9, 20-side Leather Wrap album as a gift. These wrap albums have a high perceived value.
  • Lastly, There are Templates – Templates are available on the H&H website under the Leather Wrap Albums resource section and help you to create journals and calendars. This is another way to offer a unique product or gift your clients.

While I have spent most of this post discussing how the new Leather Wrap albums can be included in your offerings, I think the bigger takeaway should the phrase, “be different”.

Find something about you and your business that can make you stand out from the next photographer down the street. Your clients are potentially visiting a number of photographers – you want to be the most memorable!

Click here for more details about the new Leather Wrap Album from H&H


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