How Professional Photographers Can Increase Sales During Christmas

christmas ornaments for photographersIt’s Labor Day and I want to talk about Christmas.   Yes……I do!!

70% of retail sales occur during the Holiday Season – that’s an incredible number.   As a business person, it is important that you put a plan together to capture part of that holiday business.

H&H Color Lab has numerous products that allow photographers to enter the retail market much more aggressively.

I would encourage every photographer to put together a Holiday Gift List.  No, not a “What I Want for Christmas List”, but what items you offer to your clients.  I like to call it a “Holiday Gift Giving List”.

Use this list as a thought-starter to begin the process of motivating your clients to give personalized photographic gifts to family and friends.

Here are some ideas professional photographers can use to boost sales during the Holiday Season:

A photo session – If you aren’t offering gift cards for photo sessions or product credit, this is a missed opportunity.  H&H offers customized credit card style gift cards which work to make this the perfect gift – you just need to advertise to your existing client base and beyond!

iphone 4 cases for photographgersLeather photo products – from purses to compacts to key fobs, the leather products from H&H are great gifts, made with the quality that H&H has become known for.

iPhone 4 cases – These are great stocking stuffers – and a great seller.  Be sure this is on your Holiday Gift Giving list!

Cutting boards tumbled stone coasters and tiles, hardboard coasters – All are items that are personalized, unique and something different that can be given to grandma and grandpa that they will use every day!

And don’t forget the photo jewelry! This is always a perfect product for gift giving!

There are too many great gift products to list – so be sure to browse the website and see what you may wish to promote on your Holiday Gift Giving and Promotion List.

Now it is up to you!  Create a flyer….perhaps “Holiday Gift Giving Promotion” and offer a discount for early orders.  Next, send out an email promotion to all clients you have photographed this year having a one day, or one week sale of specific gift giving products.  The best part – you’ve already photographed, so this is just gravy or the whipped cream on top – whichever you prefer!!!!

Guest post written by Teri Ritter of Teri Ritter Photography. Teri has been in photography industry for 10 years in San Diego, CA and Dexter, MI, specializing in families, seniors, and babies. Teri is also a Marketing Consultant and enjoys sharing marketing ideas and plans which boost the bottom line for professional photographers everywhere.


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