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How to Use Facebook Timelines – Video Transcript

Hi everybody, this is Georgia McCabe, and this month’s video blog post is all about Facebook Timeline for brands.

This will be short, covering the key things that you’ll need to address before March 30th, because all your fan pages are going to automatically be converted to this.

Before we get started, I did want to spend just a few seconds; there are a lot of people who are not excited about the new Timeline and I think its primarily because people aren’t used to anything new. It’s easy to get upset when you know something really well and then it gets switched. But once you dive into it it’s really exciting and there are some very interesting things that brands – specifically photographers – can do to present themselves in a unique way.

You can document your entire company’s history, from the day you first started to the present, by adding in old pictures, maybe the first time you opened your studio – your first shots. There’s unique ways you can utilize wall posts, photos, announcements and events. But what’s going to happen for those of you haven’t already changed your page to the new design, you have received notice that you can preview what your page will look like. I’ll show you what that looks like in a second.

But there are a few big changes you need to know and I urge you to get on top of these quickly.

First of all, it’s a new look and feel. The profile picture that used to be on the left is no longer there. It’s replaced with a larger photo called the Cover Photo. {note: Cover Photos visibility is public, and the privacy setting for those cannot be changed, ever.} You can see mine at the top here, with a picture of me and my books, and the profile picture is now in the left corner. Down below the cover photo — which replaces the tabs on the left as we used to know them – sits the new page apps. There are 4 shown at any time, the first one will always be photos and cannot be moved. We’ll go into more detail on this when I show you live on the H&H Color Lab Facebook page.

Express your creativity about your brand in this new cover photo. It should be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. There’s significant terms that Facebook has implemented about what you cannot put in your cover photo. They may not contain the following:

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or ‘Download it from our website”
  • Contact information such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s “about” section
  • References to user interface elements, such as “like” or “share” or any other call to action or Facebook site features.

Furthermore, you cannot have an arrow pointing down to a tab. My personal speculation is that this real estate is valuable to Facebook, and they’d rather have you use their updated advertising models for call-to-actions.

Make sure you update your cover photo today!

Your profile photo is another image that you need to adjust. 180 pixels square, even though it will display at 125 pixels square.

The main page of the Timeline is separated into two columns; the center dividing line in the middle represents the passage of time. But let’s look at it on a live page – we’re going over to the H&H Color Lab Facebook page.

You can see the cover photo has been modified; the logo is now the profile picture. In the “old days”, the tabs were on the left, now there here [directly under the cover photo], but you can only have 12 total apps, with three (3) featured here at any given time. These can be re-organized anytime. [I’m going to run a webinar within the next few days that will go into more details on Timeline]. Photos will always be the default first position. The size of these images for the tab apps is 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high.

Let’s go ahead and click on one of these [Monthly Specials], and what you’ll notice now is that this area is much larger – 810 pixels wide now. You can put a lot of information in this space. We make sure we feature all of our monthly specials in this area, and they link to the website.

For those who haven’t converted your page design yet, let me show you what it looks like when you’re signed in. At the top, you’ll see the warning box announcing the new design tomorrow. If you click on the Preview button, you’d see what it would look like in the new design, even though you haven’t added any of the new graphical elements to the page.

[Back to H&H Facebook page]… Now your admin panel is still accessible. You’ll see a new feature in the admin panel, and that’s messages. Fans can now message you. But, you need to make sure you have that feature turned on. At the top of the admin panel, go to Manage > Edit Page > Manage Permissions > and check the box “show message button”.

What I like in the admin panel is that you see a summary of notifications and the most recent people who have joined the page. I send a shout-out every Friday on my wall to my newest fans.

Pay attention when the conversion takes place, (tomorrow beginning at 11am PST), the “like” app (which shows how many fans like your page) will show up as one of the tab boxes. You may want to swap position of this box so it’s not quite so visible. Why? Because it does show a little bit of demographical information of the audience – from location, age, total likes and a generic chart showing interactivity. Personally, I wouldn’t want that displayed on my wall, for competitive reasons.

Insights are available inside the admin panel; total reach, amount of likes. Great stuff in here. You can see by day the types of posts, the amount of people engaged. I love this aspect of Timeline.

Feel free to go to my fan page ( for more top tips on Timeline. Also, I’ll be sending out notice on my fan page about an upcoming 2 hour live webinar where we’ll delve much more deep into the nitty-gritty.

So good luck, feel free to post questions here on the H&H blog, the H&H wall or my Facebook page. I promise I’ll get right back to you with answers.

Guest post by Georgia McCabe – As an author, speaker, trainer and social media and photography evangelist, her perspectives on social media appear in print in her newest book entitled “SocialMorphosis – Transforming Your Business through Social Media”. Georgia is also a co-author of the book “The Relationship Age”, with social media guru Mari Smith. Georgia is a frequent guest blogger for our professional photography lab.

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