Curved Metals Boost Portrait Sales

curved metal photo prints

The curved metals from H&H Color Lab found their way into our studio. At the time I thought it was a cool product that we could try out, little did I know that it would have a drastic effect on our portrait sales.

They were cool, an item that didn’t need a stand or frame. With clean modern edges, and print quality that I have grown to love and expect from H&H Color Lab. Each one was flawless. I set them on my display and didn’t think too much about it. In fact I forgot to update my price sheet to reflect the new item I was selling to my clients!!

My next sales consult was a family that I had recently shot, and a few hours later we were meeting with a senior. The family grabbed an 8×10 curved metal and 2 5×7’s. There I was filling out my order forms for this lovely family, looking up curved metal pricing on my phone as fast as my little fingers could type and as fast as my internet would let me. I had forgotten how affordable the curved metals were, even with my % markup. The family was so happy with the price they ordered 3 more. A few minutes later my senior walked in excited to view her session. She purchased 2 sets of wallets, and 8 curved metals.

curved metal portrait prints

Those first few sales were just the beginning. Curved metals have a home in our studio and a place on the price sheet.

Types of Metal finishes:

  • Brilliant: Printed with a white base allows the colors to print bold and bright. Perfect for low light situations.
  • Aluminessence: Stunningly printed on a brushed silver base with the look and feel of metal. (our most popular item) The whites are not white, they are silver, really showing off the metal.
  • *Matte: New to the metal family, the matte finish is a softer polished look, with true whites all colors pop. I sell this softer approach for babies, boudoir, and families.

If you have photos of the curved metals and the new finish please share them with me, I would love to see what you come up with. If you have a stunning B&W metal print with a matte finish, I am dying to try it. I bet it’s out of this world beautiful!!! Tag me at if you want to share.


professional photographerGuest post by Erin Hernandez-Reisner, Photographic Artist & Owner of Photos Edge.

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