Best Practices for Sports Volume Customers

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Top 10 best practices for your best fall season

  1. Make final delivery of all picture packages from spring
  2. Send out report cards asking your league to evaluate your company’s performance.
  3. Send out commission checks once you receive the completed report cards back.
  4. Clean up your office.
  5. Order marketing materials from H&H
    • Sports program catalogs
    • Picture day posters
    • Presentation folders
    • Samples
  6. Look over the prior year’s sales and make any necessary adjustments to your packages before ordering sales flyers. (Example- package A only sold 32 packages – you may want to change the content in that package to get more sales.)
  7. Order sales flyers for fall season
  8. Start contacting the leagues you photographed last year. Hopefully you have kept in touch with them throughout the year and you can just ask for this year’s date. Or, suggesting the same weekend as the previous year’s picture date shows the league you are organized.
    • If there is a new person in charge, have them fill out a league information sheet. This will provide you with all of the information needed to contact them, as well as dates and times of your upcoming sports shoot.
  9. Start contacting your part-time staff to finalize who is available for the upcoming season
    • Go through all your equipment and make necessary repairs. Get everything ready for season
  10. Start calling potential new clients. Make at least 4 contacts per business day
    • This will keep you busy and have you moving in the right direction.


ideas to help your league shoot go smoothly

Day of the shoot

Use a slate (10×13 envelope) that identifies the coach’s information for the team you’re photographing. When the team coach arrives at the shoot, ask him/her the pertinent information about the team.

Once you have collected this information, hand the coach the slate, have the coach gather the team and proceed to the starting line. Having the slate allows you a place to deposit the players’ order forms, keeping them together during the shoot. At the end of the day you will only have 30 envelopes to take back to the office.

If you have the staff, I would highly recommend having a cashier on your shoots. This allows you an opportunity to collect all of your information at the shoot such as payment, trading card information, future payment arrangements, giving change, and just sharing a face to face experience. This will keep you from having to call the parents once you return back to your office for missing information – Time Management!

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Image by John LaBarge


Post Production

Once you return back to your office, download your files. Don’t wait until Monday if you can help it.

Open each slate envelope and verify that all your order forms are in sequence and payments have been removed.

Import your images into eZsports to create an order.

Using H&H‘s ready-to-deliver packaging for your sports eliminates having to go through all of your packages, and choose “envelopes closed”.

If you would like to inspect your orders, add additional products like fliers, or items you outsourced then choose “envelopes open”.

Package Delivery

Once your orders have been returned from the lab and you’re ready to deliver to the league you have multiple options; deliver back to your league representative, mail to the league, or mail to the coach.

Another great option is to set up a tent on the next possible Saturday to hand out the packages to a representative from each team. Advantages of this option are:

  • The team representative hands out the packages to the parents while their games are in progress.
  • Parents can come to your tent with any questions and you can address any issues on the spot.
  • This keeps the phone from ringing and shows the league you care enough about your league to deliver their orders in person.
  • This also gives you a chance to speak with other parents who are part of other sports in your area and discuss future business.



Make sure you never under staff your photo shoot. The first hour of any shoot is going to be hectic. Most shoots start on Saturdays around 7:30 which means parents have to get up around 6:30, feed their kids, get them dressed, into the mini-van and to pictures by 7:15 for their 7:30 picture schedule. Only half of the team will arrive on time, so your shoot will start off behind schedule. Having extra staff will help you stay on time during this crazy first hour. After a couple of hours, things will start to settle down and get on schedule. You can then ask your staff for volunteers to go home early. You will be surprised, but a couple of staff members will volunteer. This will put you right back on budget for the day.


Staff Uniform Example



Always have your staff in a company branded shirt. This will identify who your employees are and show you’re a professional company.

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