Art Is Made, It Is Not Given: a story of fine art torn edged prints

fine art torn edge photo printing

The first time I held a piece of fine art paper was in an advanced drawing class in college. The first time I really appreciated the paper was a semester later in printmaking. That class was my first and only C. A grade that I was both proud to have received and was well earned. This coming from an honors student means a lot. The hardest class I have ever taken.

fine art torn edge photo printing fine art torn edge photo printing fine art torn edge photo printing

The class began with a C and you had to go above and beyond for something higher. My professor explained, while holding a fine art etching with beautifully torn edges, “Art is made, it is not given. Everything is average until we make it exceptional.” To be honest, I was not an exceptional print maker, but I did become an exceptional artist. And a few years later, in a life drawing class, I earned that A from him. I drew each concept with purpose and intention on fine art paper, tearing edges gently and making sure that the art was perfectly in place with at least an inch of space on the edges, and it had to be clean. I learned that the paper mattered, my art couldn’t truly be art without the lovely paper it was printed on and the way it was presented.

fine art torn edge photo printing fine art torn edge photo printing

Ever since the printmaking days, I love fine art torn edge paper. I really wanted to give that quality to my clients. So I asked H&H Color Lab if there was a way to print my photographs on something that would be reminiscent of fine art. Something that I could sign if it was given as a gift or purchased on it’s own. And a way to mount it where the edges show, really embracing the quality of the print, and re-enforcing the fact that what we do as photographers, really can be a fine art.

H&H Color Lab delivered. They brought out paper samples for me to look at and I choose my favorite. Then they crafted a stunning print and in H&H Color Lab fashion, made it cost effective for photographers. Today, the fine art torn edge prints have become a staple in studios nation wide. If you haven’t tried them out, you definitely should.

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fine art torn edge photo printing


professional photographerGuest post by Erin Hernandez-Reisner, Photographic Artist & Owner of Photos Edge.

A Bit About Me: I relate to all dreamers, choose to see the beauty in this world, and strive everyday to make real connections with my clients.

Belief: I hope to always inspire, motivate, and evoke confidence in other photographers because I believe that dreams, goals, and life are important. No matter what we do or where we end up.


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