Employee Highlight – Steve Tuggle

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Steve Tuggle

Steve Tuggle

Q: How long have you been with H&H?

I don’t know. They told me a couple of years ago – 43 years. I guess it was the early 70’s. 40-something years!

Q: What did you do when you first started working at the lab?

I mixed chemicals and processed the film. I would fix things when they broke. I did a lot of different things since we were so small.

Q: How many people were working at the lab when you first started?


Q: What is the biggest change you have seen over the years?

We have gotten a lot bigger. We used to just call across the room to customer service or the art department, since we were all within eyeball range of each other. Now the communication part is different since we are so much bigger. Going digital, of course, was a big thing. Like when you go to one of those magic shows. There are a bunch of items on the table, on the table cloth. Then they pull out the table cloth and everything is still standing there. For the lab, going from film to digital was kind of like that. I was part of that, in keeping everything the same as much as possible, the products, the experience for the customer, but in a new age of digital.

Q: What you do now?

I kind of like, know stuff. I have a lot of knowledge about the lab. I have history with the lab. I know a lot about the newer things, the newer equipment – the inkjets, the presses, the Polie and the dye-sublimation machines. I was there when they put the equipment in. As we expanded, and added more machines, I continued to help with installation and trouble shooting. When we bought the printers, I gave the lab the recommendations about the equipment. I helped them install them. I go to tradeshows and see machines. I went to one a few weeks ago in Las Vegas all about inkjets. I talk to people about what equipment is out there, and what is coming up.

Q: Is there a team that you are specifically with?

Not really…most days I know how to take care of things, and I immerse myself in certain areas. I can go back and remember what we did when we installed a particular machine, so I can help out with trouble-shooting, because I was there when it was installed.

One of the reasons I ran the inkjet printers is that no one asked me to do it. I just started helping out with it and trouble-shooting and now I do work with them regularly. I look at things to make sure the machines are running smoothly. I work with our color correcting team, to work on color profiling between the different machinery in the lab. I kind of look at things and talk to people that work on them, ask questions, and bring it to someone’s attention if something isn’t looking right, or take care of it myself.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your personal life – what do you do for fun?

I guess I ride my bike. I like to commute to work when it’s nice. I do little trips with it. I took it on the Katy Trail. The trail goes across Missouri. It used to be a railroad track. I went to a place called Rhineland, and stayed in a bed and breakfast. Then I went to Augusta and Hermann and went to various wineries and scenic spots along the way. I enjoyed it.

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