Did You Know – Duplicate Orders

This is the second of a new series of posts, designed to save you time and headaches when it comes to doing business with H&H Color Lab.  Today, we tackle the problems that can arise from possible duplicate orders.

Did you know that we spend a great deal of time verifying whether or not orders that error as Possible Duplicate Orders are truly duplicate orders or valid new orders. Our operating system checks two things in your order to determine if it is a possible duplicate: the order number and order description. If the order number and description are identical on two orders an error is generated and the order is routed to our errors queue.

A member of the Process Improvement Team (P.I.T.) must determine the validity of the order by comparing images and items ordered to those of the initial order received. The amount of time spent on this verification is enormous. It can also delay the processing of your order by several hours.

Please help reduce the instances of these errors by keeping H&H customer service  informed of any email address changes so you always receive your emailed order confirmations. Checking these confirmations can help you save time by not duplicating the order upload process. Our website is also a good tool for checking your order status. As always, feel free to call one of our friendly customer service representatives  if you have any questions.

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