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Social media marketing for photographers is an important part of your business startegy. Learn new tips on how to engage your customers over all types of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more can all be utilized for social media marketing.

Can You Guess Where the Most Photos Were Taken in 2014?

most photographed places of 2014
Instagram just released the 10 most common geotagged locations photographs were taken using its app this year. Take a look! The 10 Most Common Photography Locations on Instagram in 2014 Disneyland in Anaheim, California Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California Times Square in New York, New York Photo by chensiyuan Siam Paragon shopping mall in ...Read more »

Facebook Advertising For Photographers – Analyzing Results

Facebook advertising for photographers
In today’s post, Georgia McCabe wraps up her three-part series on Facebook advertising. If you missed the first two, jump to the links below: How To Use Facebook Advertising To Boost Your Photography Business Setting Up Your Campaign Now for part III: Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Ad: Direct Link to Video   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT ...Read more »

Facebook Advertising for Photographers – Setting Up Your Campaign

Facebook ads for professional photographers
Check out this video from Georgia McCabe about using Facebook Advertising to help grow your photography business! Direct Link to Video   Video Transcript Hi everyone this is Georgia McCabe and today’s blog post is about Facebook advertising for photographers, and this is Part Two of the Facebook Advertising blog series. And I’m going to ...Read more »

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Boost Your Photography Business

Facebook advertising is becoming much more critical to your success as a photographer.  Did you know that there are over a billion people using Facebook, and Facebook lets you put up ads to reach just about any group of people you can imagine depending on what goals you are trying to achieve. You can reach ...Read more »

4 Great Image Tools to Drive Facebook Engagement – Social Media Tips Part 4!

Photography Social Media Tips
  Welcome to Part 4 of my blog post series Great Examples and Techniques for Using Images to Drive Engagement for Your Facebook Image Page. As we have discussed in the previous posts, images are so important to help you achieve your social media marketing success. Even now more so than ever. According to a ...Read more »

Part 3: 5 Great Examples and Techniques for Using Images to Drive Engagement for Your Facebook Image Page

Did you know that Facebook posts with images get more than twice the engagement of text-only posts? As a photographer, you may already be posting a ton of images, but this a handful of specific techniques — including other image sources and strategies — can help you easily grow your interest, engagement and reach. For ...Read more »
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