Photoshop Tips

Learn new techniques in Photoshop. Since Photoshop is continually changing, we provide tips to keep your Photoshop skills sharp and ahead of the competition.

Using Photoshop to Pick the Best Group Shot

It is the time of year when all photographers, especially school and sports photographers, take many group pictures. In this short video, Bentley shows you a great technique for quickly comparing your group shots to pick the best one: ...Read more »

Photoshop Tip: How to Add the File Name to the Front of an Image File

In this series of videos you will be shown where in Photoshop to find a script file that will put the file name on the front of your image. Then you will learn how to personalize the script, add the script to an action to apply this to a batch of images and, finally, modify the action ...Read more »

Understanding the Differences Between Image Size and File Size

In this video we will explore the difference between image size and file size. These two terms are often used incorrectly. Image size refers to the specific number of pixels in an image and file size refers to the container holding those pixels. ...Read more »

Inch Your Way out of a Tight Spot with Photoshop

In this video blog post, we will show you several tips and tricks for using the Adobe Photoshop rulers in your images. The fast way to find the center of your image. Showing the rule of thirds. How to actionize your rulers. ...Read more »

Photoshop Tips for Photographers: Auto Align Layers

In this video we will explore using the Auto Align Layers option in Adobe Photoshop. We can use this feature to easily remove objects in an image as well as do head / body swaps in portraiture. ...Read more »

Using Smart Objects in Photoshop CS5

In this video, we will explore using Smart Objects with Adobe Photoshop CS5. ...Read more »
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