Photography Training Tuesdays

Photography Training Tuesdays – Tutorials & Increasing Sales

Today we will look at the following online training opportunities: 1.  H&H sponsored Episode #17 of Photo Entrepreneur TV!  Check out the discussion on gift certificates—great idea to increase sales! 2.—online video tutorials—you can learn it! A big thanks goes out to H&H Color Lab for making this episode possible! In this episode we talk about ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – H&H’s Sports Boot Camp Speakers!

Announcing the Speakers for H&H’s Sports Boot Camp 2014! We are excited about the group of sports speakers we have this year at our Sports Boot Camp.  Each speaker brings a unique insight into the sports photography market.  Each is a successful sports photographer who will share their experience and knowledge with you in a ...Read more »

senior + youth national conference and H&H

sync photograpy convention
    Last week, SYNC announced their date, speakers and NEW location for 2015.  Amazing educational and networking opportunities await you at SYNC—oh, and H&H will be there too!  Registration begins May 1st. Click here for all of the details! ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Photo Entrepreneur TV, Photovision, & Photography Classes

Training Tuesday topics for this week are: 1.  Check out Photo Entrepreneur TV—H&H Sponsored episode! 2.  Photovision –last day the vault is open! 3.  Summer Classes at H&H—Schools 101 During this episode the boys discuss the old vs. new way of thinking about our industry and the directions we’ve decided to go.   Enjoy part two ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Social Media & Photography Marketing Tips

Photo Marketing Tips
Training Tuesday topics for this week are: 1.  Georgia McCabe – Four part blog series on social media marketing 2. Kirk Voclain talks about the best marketing tips you will ever hear!   Georgia McCabe, a guest blogger of H&H, is in the middle of a four part series on social media marketing.  As we all ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesday – Summer Class Signups Start Now!

Girl Holding Umbrella
Here are the exciting things we want to share this week! PhotoVision EXPOsed Opens Today! Summer Classes at H&H—Early Bird Special Starts Today webTV Interview with H&H Customer Muffet Petrehn PhotoVision is opening their library today!  Get inspired for 15 days for free AND be sure to check out the virtual trade show! H&H is ...Read more »
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