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Our software makes it simple to order

Photography Software
    Our software makes it simple to order One of the great things about our new website is that each product features the software link to download the software you need to order that specific product. You can also access software in the upper right corner of our home page. By clicking this link, ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Product Information and Features Video

Product Listings
  Everything you need to know about our products! One of the great things about our new H&H website is the high level of detail that we provide for each product. Each product shows an image for quick identification when you roll over the name within the mega-menu box. There are also many detailed images ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Preparing for the 2014-2015 School Year

School Photo Flyers
Today’s Training: hhschools:  service items added to hhschools —  new videos to view Sales flyer—now is the time to prepare for fall   Service Items Added to hhschools With the most current release and update to hhschools version 1.0.58, you’ll now see the option for ordering service items.   To make it easier to navigate and ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – HHImageHost Updates

Today you will learn about the new updates that were released June 1st in hhimagehost.  Below please find a summary of the update and a training video! HHImageHost was launched in 2009, to serve the unique needs of volume school and sports photographers. Our goal was to provide online sales capabilities to increase studio sales ...Read more »

Photography Marketing Tips – Google Analytics for Beginners

photo lab training
Google Analytics for Beginners Do you have any experience or knowledge of Google Analytics?  This is a POWERFUL tool for digital marketers. This tool helps answer many questions on how people interact with your site, gives insight into your audience and the ability to track their consumer patterns and habits. According to a recent Accenture ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Top 10 Lightroom 5 Tips

This week, I asked customer service if they had some training tips for the Training Tuesday blog.  I asked for questions that they answer all of the time, or sites they use that they thought would be good to share with you.   I received many wonderful ideas for this blog that we will post in ...Read more »
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