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4 TED Talks About Photography

photography ted talks
Every person in the creative industry has to search for inspiration many times throughout their career. Sometimes inspiration for photography comes unexpectedly through another passion you’re harboring. Some of the most inspirational individuals in the world have spread their message through TED Talks, and the photography industry is no different. These TED Talks for Photographers ...Read more »

Imagining a World Without Photography

the world without photography
A world without photography is too hard to imagine. There would be no rule of thirds, no DSLR’s, and no photoshop. Would we still have many of the same inventions, but resort to animation instead? Would computers resemble the machines we use today. Some obvious things would be much different. There are no scrapbooks of ...Read more »

National Photographer Appreciation Month – An Open Letter

photographer appreciation month
It’s national photographer appreciation month in October. Make sure you go out and hug a photographer for all they do! Share our open letter below with your favorite photographer today to tell them thank you for all they do: To the picture perfectionist and the just-one-more-shot taker. To the people who believe in the beauty ...Read more »

12 Iconic Photos and Paintings from American History

iconic american photos
In celebration of the fourth of July, we’ve compiled a list of twelve of the most iconic photos and images from throughout American history. These iconic photos embody the American spirit and our will to be the best. Fighting for What We Believe In From independence at home to stopping the spread of evil abroad, Americans fight ...Read more »

Photo Editing History – Life Before Photoshop

history of photo editing
In honor of April Fool’s Day, let’s take a look at the history of people modifying images. The history of photo editing dates back to the beginning of photography, and photo editing is now standard in today’s photography industry. Advanced technology is allowing more artistic power and voice than ever before, but what did professional ...Read more »

10 Old Photography Methods

old photography methods
Since the first photo was taken in the early 1800s, many photography techniques have been attempted. Some have been successful and shaped the future of photography, while some have been outlawed or forgotten. These old, failed photography methods teach us a lot about where photography culture has come from, and where it’s going. Here are ...Read more »
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