Photoshop Tips: Using Custom Shapes to Add Studio Logos

Here is a series of movies that I did that show how to take your logo and create a custom shape from that logo. Then how to use the custom shape with layer styles to apply the logo to your images. Then automating that with an action. ...Read more »

Getting That Ideal Facebook Profile Pic

A Picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps even more on your Facebook page. What does your profile picture say about who you are. First impressions make a huge difference in social media and that profile picture is all you get to introduce yourself to others. Make it count! As an author, speaker, trainer and ...Read more »

In Praise of Digital Photography

Guest Post by Georgia McCabe In any discipline, you will always have what many refer to of as “purists”.  Purists are those who revere the way things have always been done and view new innovations in the field as upstarts and obviously of poorer quality than the tried and true methods of the past. Nowhere ...Read more »

Top Tips on How to Turn Your Blog or Website Visitors into Subscribers…Create a Compelling Opt-In “Bribe”

Guest Post by Georgia McCabe The key to turning visitors into subscribers is to get in their minds. Take Visitor ‘A’, for example. We’ll call her Ashley. Ashley had a big event come up – her first baby was born, and she’s on the hunt for some tips on how to dress her newborn for ...Read more »

Facebook Questions a Guided Tour

Facebook is rolling out a new capability called Questions.  No this isn’t something that asks us questions, but rather the ability to add survey type questions to our fanpages and solicit input from fans and even friends of fans. There are some very interesting options here and, once again, Georgia will take you through a ...Read more »
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