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Find the newest photo products that we offer. Leather albums for photographers, photo books, and canvas photo prints are just some of the photo products we’ve released in the past. Stay up to date with the latest products for your customers.

High School Senior Specialty Products – Photo Lab Product Spotlight

high school senior photography products
It’s time to update my High School Senior price booklet for the coming 2014 season.  I am including many specialty items this year, as I had numerous requests for them this past season.  H&H has numerous specialty products and the challenge is to keep the number of products in a range to keep my clients’ ...Read more »

Spotlighting Some Of H&H Color Lab’s New Products for 2013

torn edge photo prints
Just like many of you, I am headed to Imaging USA this weekend. I look forward to the Trade Show every year to experience the latest industry trends and products. H&H is once again introducing innovative new products this year. I am very anxious to stop by their booth and see for myself the products ...Read more »

Hannah Collection Jewelry – Photo Lab Product Spotlight

I have several photographer friends that have told me over the years that January is their largest volume month.  When I was first told this, I was slightly skeptical.  As I learned more, it made sense for some photographers’ business models. I have learned there is a lot of business left on the table in ...Read more »

Ornaments – Photo Lab Product Spotlight

While packaging some outgoing orders today, I realized that I needed to share one of my initiatives with you. H&H has numerous holiday ornaments – metals, porcelain, pewter and acrylic.  The metals come in 4 shapes and H&H even has downloadable templates that make the design process a breeze. I share this with you because ...Read more »

Slim Wraps – Photo Lab Product Spotlight

As my senior season rolls into the holiday season, I am reviewing my product line up as I always do this time of year. I find it amazing that not many photographers carry H&H slim wraps.  My seniors and families love it!  It is one of my best sellers! I show slim wraps in a ...Read more »

Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Press Cards

As we begin photographing for the holiday season, cards play a big part of the overall product mix.   I view cards as a marketing tool as much as, if not more than, a profit center. Based on that strategy – I price cards with a different profit margin in mind than placed on the majority ...Read more »
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