New Video to Get to Know H&H Color Lab

Earlier this year, H&H Color Lab’s friends at Triple Scoop Music called and asked if we wanted to participate in a group of professional photography companies to promote WPPI using very high end film makers.  It sounded like a great idea so we got on board.

What came out of it was a lot of fun.  First “Change Your Life” – The official WPPI film released last week.

Many times in our professional photography businesses, we are so close to what we do every day, that it is difficult to see ourselves clearly.  When we take the time to ask, “What is different and compelling about our business?” we typically come up with long lists of what we think differentiates us from the competition when, in reality, the true differentiation is very simple.

As part of this project, we had the opportunity to have someone who knows nothing about H&H Color Lab to come in and give us a simplified glimpse of what is truly different.  David Robin and Ray Roman’s film team did just that.  Given completely unrestricted filming, interviewing, and editing reign, we think they captured the perfect one minute introduction to who H&H is.


H&H Color Lab

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