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The H&H Connection – August 2014

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Photography Training Tuesday – H&H Schools Update!

photo lab photography training tuesdays

Today’s Training Opportunity 1.  Important update to hhschools.  As the school season begins for many next week, hhschools is ready to support your school needs.  Please ... Read more »

H&H Automated Composites – The Aspirin for Composite Headaches!

school composites for professional photographers

Class composites for elementary schools have always been painful to produce - and we have to produce a lot of them! The process to order, ... Read more »

Training Tuesdays – February 18, 2014

photography training tips

This week will feature these educational opportunities! Episode #7 of Photo Entrepreneur TV is sponsored by H&H hhschools training:  sports workflow in hhschools and one-on one ... Read more »

School and Sports Photographers’ Planning Calendars for July 2012

We want to help make the lives of school and sports photographers a little easier, so we’ve created two annual planning calendars specifically for school ... Read more »

Increase Your Photography Package Sales With Well-Crafted School & Sports Flyers

Ever frequent a restaurant that uses outstanding food photography to promote their menu items? Kind of makes you want to try something new…an item you ... Read more »

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