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hhimagehost Summary of 2017 Updates

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hhimagehost summary of 2017 updates   As your fall season is about to pivot into full swing, we thought it would be helpful to review some of the updates we’ve released in the last 9 months to keep them fresh in your mind before starting your fall season. Additional information can be found by logging ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – HHImageHost Updates

Today you will learn about the new updates that were released June 1st in hhimagehost.  Below please find a summary of the update and a training video! HHImageHost was launched in 2009, to serve the unique needs of volume school and sports photographers. Our goal was to provide online sales capabilities to increase studio sales ...Read more »

HHImageHost Professional Photography Online Proofing and sales has now added Coupons and Online Prepay

HHImageHost started three years ago as a way to help professional photographers sell volume school, sports and events online.  Private studio branding, custom price lists, very low fees and broad product offering was what the consumer would see.  Behind the scenes, however, the ability to market online sales in the ready to deliver school and ...Read more »

Our Photo Lab’s Top 5 Tips to Broaden the Audience of Your Photographs

Top 5 Tips to Broaden Your Audience for Your Photographs Great photographs are the intersection of three important factors – a great photographic eye, a great photographic situation and a substantial audience to view and appreciate the result. The old days where people anxiously awaited proofs, visited conventional photo galleries or requested and kept books ...Read more »

Web Photo Proofing & Web Photography Sales

Web Proofing and Web Sales at H&H Color Lab In response to many requests, HHImageHost was created – a system that lets you proof and sell products from your images with YOUR Brand in a simple workflow.  The system was in beta last fall and capabilities have been continuously added since.   HHImageHost web proofing and web ...Read more »
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