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Top 5 Things School Photographers Should Be Doing in June

What should school photographers be doing  in June?  Here is a list of things to be doing, even though school is out, brough to us ... Read more »

7 Ways to Boost Photography Sales in Slow Times

Today we'd like to offer a guest blog post, written by Teri Ritter, of Teri Ritter Photography.  Teri has been in business for 10 years ... Read more »

Professional Photo Processing: Photoshop Tips with Julieanne Kost

As much time as everyone spends in Photoshop and Lightroom these days, it's good to have multiple resources for tips and help.  Today, our photo lab ... Read more »

Photo Lab Video Blog: Photoshop CS4 on MAC

I've been using a Mac for about a year now.  Although I love it, there are times that I think, "Why does this look so ... Read more »

Photo Lab Video Blog: Design Elements

Bentley posts another video blog, and gives us helpful hints for designing! Once your beautifully designed photos are ready, have our professional photo lab print them!

Photo Processing: Crop and Straighten Photos with Photoshop

Here is a quick video tip from our photo lab on Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy! Now that your photos are just the right size, send them to ... Read more »

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