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Using Align – Distribute in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Here is a video on using the Align - Distribute tools in Adobe Photoshop CS5. These are great techniques to use when you need to layout ... Read more »

This Professional Photographer Can’t Live Without It

I was recently asked in the context of photography what was the one thing that I could not live without. As I thought about it, I ... Read more »

Photo Processing Using Adobe Image Processor for Image Batch Resizing

H&H's Professional Photo Lab shows you how to use Adobe Bridge and Adobe Image Processor to quickly and automatically resize and optionally watermark a single ... Read more »

Photo Processing: Applying Logos and Watermarks in Photoshop Parts 1 & 2

Here at the photo lab, I continually get questions regarding applying logos and watermarks in Photoshop and it is a lot easier than you might ... Read more »

Photo Lab Video Blog: Photoshop CS4 on MAC

I've been using a Mac for about a year now.  Although I love it, there are times that I think, "Why does this look so ... Read more »

Photo Lab Video Blog: eZSuite Print Size Preferences

Bentley offers another quick video tip.  This time, he shows you how to organize the print sizes listed in eZSuite. Get your organized images to our photo lab ... Read more »

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