Boost On-the-Go Contest Mojo with this Mobile Sweepstakes App

social media sweepstakes appWant to reach more people with your SoMo (social media)? Then don’t forget to take your message and strategy where they are — which is almost anywhere, cozied up with their favorite mobile device.

Research from TechCrunch puts recent Facebook mobile user counts at 192 million on Android, 147 million on iPhone, 48 million on iPad, and 56 million on Messenger. If your social media isn’t mobile, your marketing reach is stuck in the slow lane.

It’s also no secret that Facebook has some issue translating to mobile: native Facebook fanpages aren’t accessible in mobile devices. So let Facebook worry about that, and instead, for your next contest consider a solution like North Social’s Mobile Sweepstakes app.

Mobile engagement gets easy with North Social Mobile Sweepstakes

North Social’s Mobile Sweepstake touts itself as a simple way to create a sweepstakes for mobile and desktop platforms—all in one step—in an app that can “sniff out” the kind of device the user has and render your sweepstakes optimized for the user’s device. Push out just one link to your contest across multiple social media platforms to give users what North Social calls “an elegant” entry to your contest with customizable forms.

Build a Facebook fangate using a simple template. (A fangate simply lets you display different content to fans vs. nonfans. For example, you can set up a ‘like gate’ that opens the contest only to those who have ‘liked’ your Facebook page.)

social media sweepstakes mobile appSet up your contest by using the Mobile Sweepstake admin screen, which you can access on your own mobile device. Set up a logo, contest title, add an image, enter a contest description, link to an entry form, and set up sharing for email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Templates help you set up everything, including contest rules and a thank you. Keep tabs on your results with analytics.

Hey, this is all starting to look easy, isn’t it? If you’ve been hesitating to jump into contests or mobile apps, we think this nifty app might put you in on cruise control in the fast lane. Please be sure to let everybody know if you’re using the North Social apps and how they’re working for you.

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Georgia McCabe

Guest post by Georgia McCabe – As an author, speaker, trainer and social media and photography evangelist, her perspectives on social media appear in print in her newest book entitled “SocialMorphosis – Transforming Your Business through Social Media”. Georgia is also a co-author of the book “The Relationship Age”, with social media guru Mari Smith. Georgia is a frequent guest blogger for our professional photography lab.

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