Prepare NOW For Your School’s Fall ID Card Program

custom photograph id cardsSummer is looming and schools will soon be closing for vacation. If you’re working with a new school that will be requiring ID cards for the 2012-2013 school year, or just need to insure that your existing schools are in good shape, pay close attention to the following points:

  • Review all H&H information on ID card production at
  • ID cards are a service item and must be ordered separately from ordered packages using our FREE eZevent software. High Res Preload, a new option in eZevent 8, makes placing these orders much faster and easier. Call an H&H customer service representative soon to learn more about this great new feature and how it can benefit your fall school picture programs.

  • Get the school’s signature approval for all design work before school closes! Trying to track down decision makers during the summer can be very frustrating.
  • Make provisions now to obtain a data base of student data, which normally includes separated first and last names, grade, student ID number, and ANYTHING else that could be required to provide not only ID cards, but the admin CD, library and lunch codes, etc. Any data not obtained from the school and later found to be required can only be hand keyed manually, student by student, after this data base is initially imported to an eZevent project. You really have only one opportunity to get this right!
  • Make face-to-face contact with the school or district’s IT personnel and all school personnel that deal with the actual use of their ID cards. Understand that you could ultimately be dealing with office personnel,  a librarian, and a lunch room manager, all having different requirements for the cards. Patiently drill them with questions on the use of the cards for all applications.
  • Set an appointment with this group to personally test actual eZevent produced cards to verify the veracity of any bar codes utilized in the design. And if you’ve never ordered ID cards from H&H, ordering these test cards early will be a great opportunity to learn the entire process, from images to software to finally placing the ID card order.
  • Our Studio Design templates used in conjunction with our 100% plastic, thermo fused digital press ID card is our most popular ID card solution, providing you with the highest degree of timely control over the design and the lowest cost as well!
  • Some schools may require text fields, unique image sizes and placements, and front-and-back printing that require a custom ID card setup. Build adequate service time into the creation process should this be the case and call your customer service representative for additional support.

Bottom line…if ID cards are a part of your school’s service agreement, be proactive and get this critical service item planned and executed on time  –  or even sooner, if possible! Be an ID card hero and the rewards will be substantial!

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