Photography Studios’ Fall School Photography Season Checklist

school photography checklist for fall 2013

If you are a school photographer, you should be in the middle of preparing for your fall season.  We put together a checklist for you to use as a starting place for planning for your school season.  Read through this list and look at your specific schools, then enter any missing details that you will need to do.  Our experience is that studios that complete their setup and scheduling in July/August have a dramatically more successful September and October.

Please take the time to practice and prepare so we can celebrate happy schools and parents and a hard-working, smooth, and profitable fall season together in November!

Decisions the studio will need to make

  • Prepay or proof plan sales?
  • Are you doing green screen?
  • Will you use H&H managed projects or do you have the staff trained and scheduled to work up the projects the day after each shoot?
  • Will you use HHImageHost for online prepay, proof plan, or second sale?

Fall School Photography Season Checklist Tasks

Week 1

  • Put school photography dates on calendar
  • Fill out the School data sheet for each school
  • If Green screen, do the green screen setup and photograph the test exactly how you will photograph your schools, & submit your green screen test.
  • Look at your schedule and decide if you will use H&H managed projects for some or all of your projects.
  • Decide on your fall backgrounds, product & package offering & Pricing

Week 2 

  • Decide if you wish to use HHImageHost. If yes, Sign up for an account
  • Using managed projects?
  • Yes – fill out the MPS Application (fall deadline is 7/15)
  • No – setup your packages in eZevent
  • Take H&H prepay and/or proof plan flyers, mark them up and fill out design center flyer design order form (20% off special ends 7/14)
  • Watch video on how to order flyers
  • If you are using HHImageHost, have H&H design center setup your online price list or setup your price list yourself.

Week 3  

  • Proof and approve your final flyer design
  • Order your prepay flyers in eZsuite (20% off special ends 7/19)
  • Setup any custom ID cards at H&H
  • Order sample ID cards from H&H and test at the school
  • If you will use HHImageHost, setup your event presets

Week 4   

  • Setup and photograph your test shoot with 10-12 subjects
  • Submit your test order using eZevent to H&H with all of the sorting, packaging and labeling options selected.  Call your customer service rep to let them know your test order is inbound so we can keep an eye on it.

Week 5   

  • Train your staff on photography day
  • Test all of your picture day equipment
  • Receive your test order back from H&H
  • Look at test order packaging, labeling, sorting, contents, color – all details.
  • If something is not exactly how you expected it, call your customer service rep and to work it out.

Week 6 

  • Go through this list again and be sure everything is completed.
  • Order your picture day posters

If you are using Managed Projects:

H&H Color Lab

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